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Rosin is a concentrate extracted from cannabis or hemp flowers. It is used as an ingredient in printing ink, varnishes, glues, soap, soldering flux, and sealing wax.

Vaping, dabbing, and smoking are some other noteworthy uses of the rosin. The extraction of rosin requires the flowers to be pressed under specific pressure and temperature.

A press machine is required to extract rosin from herbs.

The rosin is worth enough to invest in a suitable rosin press. The flowers are pressed between two hot plates under pressure and the concentrate comes out quickly from the flowers.

The rosin press machines come in 5 different pressing mechanisms that include, manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, and hybrid.

A hair straightener can also be used for this purpose at home but it does not provide consistent temperature and pressures and thus result in low quality product.

In the post below we are going to review and analyze some of the best rosin press machines available in the market.

This review helps you to understand the functions of the rosin press and choose the best suited one for your needs.

8 Best Rosin Press Reviews

The quick links to our chosen list of best rosin press machines are given below.

1. NS Mini Heat Press

Editor’s Pick
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Digital temperature control
  • Two 70 watts heating plates
  • Faster and even heating

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The Nugsmasher (NS) is a popular brand for manufacturing press machines. The NS mini heat press machine is one of the best options for extracting rosin from the flowers.

This press machine is equipped with two 70 watts heating plates. Each plate is 2.5 inch deep and 2.5 inch wide and provides uniform extraction.

These plates are designed to deliver faster and even heating. You can get a consistent rosin concentrate from this press machine.

The good thing is the operation of this press is very easy and convenient. This press machine features adjustable temperature for setting the temperature before extraction.

To make things further easier, digital temperature control is also provided with the machine for accurate temperature control.

The extraction method used by this mini press machine is proprietary to Nugsmasher. It conveniently exerts a pressure of 2 ton to quickly extract rosin from the flowers.

The bag provided with the machine weighs only 3.5 grams and can store rosin between 2-6 grams.

Safety protection is also an important feature of this machine. It is fitted with circuit protection for safe and secure operation.

A removable manual pump is also part of this machine. The hot plates can be quickly withdrawn.

The construction of this rosin press is highly durable and long lasting. It is manufactured from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and American steel.

The machine is powder coated to enhance the strength. Rubber feet also provide stable standing.

What We Like

  • Quick and fast extraction
  • Easy operation
  • Digital temperature display
  • Uniform & even heating
  • Quick plate releasing
  • Consistent results
  • Durable and solid

Things to consider

  • A bit expensive

2. Dulytek Retrofit Heat Caged Plate kit

Top Rated
  • Two 3″x8″ insulated heat plates
  • Pressure capacity 15-30 ton
  • Operated by hydraulic or pneumatic
  • Two channel temperature & timer controller
  • Anodized aluminum provide quick & even heat distribution

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The Dulytek retrofit heat caged plate kit is designed to be operated by either hydraulic or pneumatic presses in the workshops.

It is basically used to extract solvent less rosin concentrate.

This machine can press high quantities of flowers quickly and instantly. Highest quality rosin is extracted from this rosin press machine.

The best thing about this press is it has two 3 x 8 inch heating plates which are made from the anodized aluminum material.

These heat plates are further insulated to avoid heat loss from the plates. This material delivers quick and even heat distribution throughout the plates.

Dual digital controller is the unique feature of this rosin press machine. This controller allows you to set the temperature separately for both plates as per requirement.

The press timer can also be adjusted. The digital controller displays the clear reading of temperature and time allowing quick control.

You can also conveniently choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales.

Magnetic feat is another very feature of this press. This permits placing the machine anywhere on the metal or any other material surface.

The pressing capacity of this machine is between 15-30 tons. The permissible amount per load is 50 grams for this machine.

What We Like

  • Presses high quantities
  • Solvent less extract
  • Quick & even heating
  • Insulated plates
  • Dual control
  • Digital display
  • Easy mounting

Things to consider

  • Calibrate if the temperature is off

3. MyPress Gen 2, Portable Heat Press Machine

Best Budget
      • Two 3×3 inch stainless steel axiom plates
      • Digital temperature control
      • Temperature between 100-250
      • Automatic time control
      • Easy operation with instructions

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MyPress gen 2 is a portable and lightweight press machine intended for domestic use. The operation of this press machine is also very easy and simple.

First of all the material is loaded. Then it requires only a soft pushing of the handle to lock the machine. Wait for some after locking the machine to get the extract.

This press machine is equipped with two 3×3 inch stainless axiom plates. These plates are designed to provide even heat distribution across the plates.

The temperature range for this machine is from 100 to 250 oF. The temperature range is helpful to set the desired temperature to get the consistent and best quality concentrate.

The temperature is also displayed on a digital controller.

The best thing is this machine has an automatic timer. The timer will start counting automatically once the plates are closed and it stops immediately when these plates are opened.

This will allow you to control the extraction process more efficiently.

The concentrate produced by this machine is of quality. Furthermore it has the capacity to extract maximum concentrate from the input.

What We Like

  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High quality concentrate
  • Even heat distribution
  • Maximum extraction
  • Auto timer

Things to consider

  • Follow the instructions for efficient extraction

4. YaeTek Heat Press Machine

      • Dual heating plates of 2.4â€x4.7â€
      • Hand crank for setting
      • Temperature and time setting
      • Temperature between 32-491 oF
      • Time range 0-999 seconds
      • Power 1000 watts

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The YaeTek rosin press is a manual machine and is provided with a hand crank to operate and set the temperature.

Two heating elements of 2.4 x 4.7 inches are equipped with this machine to manually press the flowers to get the rosin concentrate. High quality rosin is delivered by this press machine.

This machine allows you to set the temperature for each plate from 32 to 491 oF. Built-in temperature controller is also provided with the machine for easy setting. Time can also be set from 0-999 seconds.

The power consumption by this machine is also not very high for similar machines. It consumes around 1000 watts of power to extract rosin from the herbs and flowers. This machine is compatible with the 120 microgram bag and straight parchment paper.

What We Like

  • Simple operation
  • Equal heating across the plates
  • High quality rosin concentrate
  • Temperature controller
  • Adjustable timer

Things to consider

  • Carefully use the crank to avoid to breaking

5. RAYSALE Portable Heat Press Machine

    • 2.3″ x 5″ Dual aluminum heating plates
    • Stable temperature limit is 482 oF
    • Adjustable pressure up to 1.5 ton
    • Fahrenheit & Celsius switch
    • Regulating temperature & timer control
    • High oil yield up to 25 %

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The RBAYSALE heat press is also a portable and lightweight machine. It can be easily moved anywhere as per requirement. The operation of this press machine is very simple and easy.

An adjustable pressure knob is provided with the machine which can be rotated to change the pressure of the machine. The pressure limit of this portable machine is up to 1.5 ton.

It should be kept in mind that pressure be applied slowly otherwise the handle may break.

This lightweight heat press machine is equipped with aluminum made heating plates. The size of these plates is 2.3â€x5.1â€.

These plates can efficiently heat up to a maximum temperature of 428 oF. It remains stable under this temperature limit.

The good thing is this machine allows you to switch between Fahrenheit & Celsius temperature scales. Temperature can also be controlled by adjusting to meet the requirement.

Adjustable time is another very good feature of this machine.

The heating plates of this machine are very powerful and provide an oil yield of up to 25%. The quality of concentrate produced by this press machine is also very high.

What We Like

  • Powerful heating plates
  • High yield
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable temperature & time
  • Remains stable under high temperature
  • Option of Fahrenheit & Celsius scale

Things to consider

  • Slowly apply the pressure

6. Dulytek DM 1005 Manual Heat Press Machine

    • Variable pressure force of 1550 lbs.
    • 3″x5″ Dual plate heating element
    • Adjustable temperature knob
    • Fahrenheit & Celsius Scale switch
    • Maximum temperature range is 356 oF
    • Timer range is 0-999 seconds
    • Power 600 watt

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The DulyTek DM 1005 press is a manual machine. It is designed for smaller operations. The rosin extracted from this machine is of high quality.

This machine can operate less than 1550 lbs of force. The pressure can be varied by rotating the knob fitted on the machine.

A modern lever is provided with the product to lock the plates conveniently. The operation of this rosin press is also very easy and quick.

This innovative machine is equipped with two heating plates of 3â€x5†plates. These plates are made of high quality aluminum and provide equal heating throughout the plates. These plates are powerful and offer high quality rosin.

A dual controller is provided for setting desired temperature. A timer can also be adjusted by the controller.

This machine also allows you to easily switch between Fahrenheit & Celsius temperature scale as per convenience. The maximum temperature to which these plates remain stable is 356 oF. Time can be changed between 0-999 seconds.

The power consumption by this machine is also on the lower side. Only 600 watts are required to run this machine. No additional part or accessory is required to run this machine. The manufacturer also provides a warranty of 2 years.

What We Like

  • Powerful heating
  • High quality concentrate
  • Dual control
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Time setting
  • Temperature scale options

Things to consider

  • Too much manual work

7. SWANSOFT 12 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine

    • Dual heating plates of size 2.4×4.7 inch
    • Digital temperature & time controller
    • Maximum temperature range 482 oF
    • Time range 0-999 seconds
    • Fitted with 12 hydraulic jack
    • Oil filling hole
    • Non-slip silicon feet

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The SWANSOFT press is a heavy duty machine. It can be used to extract rosin from flowers in huge quantities. A 12 ton hydraulic jack is provided with the machine to set the pressure according to the desired pressure.

This press machine is provided with silicon feet which do not move or slip when the machine is in use.

A built-in pressure gauge is the unique feature of this machine. The gauge measures the pressure exerted on the press machine and ensures effective monitoring of the pressure.

This heavy duty machine is equipped with the two heating plates having size of 2.4â€x4.7â€. These heating plates are made of aluminum material and deliver quick heat.

The heat is also equally distributed throughout the plates to extract maximum rosin from the flowers.

The good thing is this machine has a digital temperature control which allows you to adjust the temperature of each plate as per requirement.

The maximum temperature to which these plates remain stable is 482 oF. Time can also be set from the controller between 0-999 seconds.

Oil filling point is also provided to fill the oil in the cylinder when required.

What We Like

  • Heavy duty press
  • Quick & equal heat distribution
  • High quality extract
  • Proper temperature control
  • Provides time setting
  • Stable and solid

Things to consider

  • Check the parts before use

8. Cabina Home Mini Portable Hot press Machine

  • Two 2×3 inch heating plates
  • Plates are made of aluminum & insulated as well
  • LCD touch type digital control
  • Maximum temperature is 485 oF
  • Time range is 0-999 seconds
  • Pressure capacity is 1000 lbs
  • Provided with handle for easy use

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The Cabina Home press is a lightweight and portable machine. It is mainly used for extraction of rosin from flowers at home. The operation of this machine is also very easy and convenient.

This machine is provided with suction cups made of silicon at the bottom. These cups keep the machine placed and prevent slipping during the working condition.

This portable machine is designed to have two heating plates. These plates are made of high quality aluminum material and bear wear and heavy loads.

The size of these plates is 2×3 inch and is enough to extract concentrate from the flowers at home.

The good thing is a touch screen LCD digital controller is provided with the machine. This allows you to adjust the temperature of plates separately.

The time can also be changed between 0-999 seconds.

An ergonomic handle is also fitted with the machine. It helps to easily press the plates over flowers to get the rosin.

This machine permits to exert the pressure up to 1000 lbs. it should be noted that the pressure be increased gradually instead of quickly rising.

What We Like

  • Easy to operate
  • High temperature range
  • Allows time adjustment
  • High quality rosin
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Touch screen controller
  • High quality plates material

Things to consider

  • Best for puck & paper use
  • Slowly increase the pressure to avoid breaking

The Buying Guide

A wide range of different capacity press machines is available in the market. Selecting the right one for your needs is really a tricky one. The following key factors will help you to choose the suited rosin press for your requirement.

Plate Size

The hot plates are the basic part of the rosin press machine. These plates differ in size. The size of the heating press is determined by the requirement.

For domestic use small size plate machine is enough while for commercial duty larger plate size machine is required. The most common size of heating plates of the press machine is 3″ x 5″.

The press machine having plates of this size can squeeze huge quantities of flowers and herbs to extract rosin concentrate.

Smaller plates machine having size 2×3 inch is good for daily use in homes. Square shaped plates press machines are also available.

You must know your requirement before selecting the size of the plates of the press machines.

Plate Material

The plate material is also of high importance while buying a good rosin press machine for your needs. The material of the plates will let you know about the heating character of the plates.

Generally, the plates are made of aluminum or stainless steel material. These are further insulated to avoid any loss of heat during the extraction process.

The aluminum plates provide quick heating. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the aluminum plate.

The stainless steel made heating plates also allow the heat to be equally spread across the length of the plate.

The material of the heating plate of the press machine should also be carefully selected to cater to your needs.


The press machine is operated under pressure. The pressure is exerted on the plates in different ways. It can be applied by a hydraulic pump or a pneumatic force.

Some machines are run manually to extract the juice concentrate from the herbs. The pressure or power capacity of a machine is another important factor to consider.

Generally a medium capacity press machine can bear a pressure up to 15-30 tons. A low capacity press is operated under 1500-2000 PSI.

It should also be noted here that the pressure must be applied gradually. If the power is applied suddenly then the machine can break as well.

The power of the machine must be considered while purchasing the press machine.


The capacity of the press machine is the amount of rosin extracted from the flowers while pressing. The capacity of the machine also varies with the size of the plate.

Larger plate heat machines deliver a higher quantity of rosin while the smaller plate press will provide a low amount of the rosin concentrate.

The pressure applied on the plates also plays an important role to get concentration from the flowers.

Generally speaking a good quality press machine delivers a yield of up to 25 %. If a quantity of 10 grams of flowers are pressed then the result will be 2.5 grams rosin. Some innovative machines may even offer high yield.

Temperature Controller

The rosin is extracted from the flowers by pressing them under hot plates. Temperature is therefore an important key factor of the press machine.

The innovative machines are equipped with the digital temperature controller. The temperature reading is displayed on the touch screen which ensures close monitoring of the temperature.

The temperature setting controller will allow you to adjust the temperature of each separately as per requirement.

The maximum temperature limit also varies with the different plates. Some plates have a very high temperature range of 485 oF while some other machines have lower temperature range of up to 250 oF.

Time Setting

Pressing time of the flowers also plays a significant role for extracting rosin concentrate from the herbs and flowers. State of the art press machines are equipped with the dual controller system.

This allows you to adjust the time as well. The general time setting range is between 0-999 seconds. Automatic timer shut off is also provided for some press machines.

This type of timer will automatically turn off when the plates are opened. The timer will again start counting from the zero.

This feature permits us to monitor the pressing process more closely and effectively. The concentrate quality can also be enhanced by controlling the extracting time.

Ease of Operation

The ease of operation of the press machine is also considered while purchasing. Some lightweight machines are provided with a handle to press the plates.

Almost every machine is included with a detailed instruction manual for operation and installation. The installation of the press machine is not a very difficult job.

Generally these machines are fitted with the plastic or silicon pads which permit the machine to be placed anywhere.


Portability of the press machine is another key feature to be considered before purchasing. The lightweight machines are easier to move and place anywhere.

The portable machines are usually useful for home or domestic use. For the workshop, heavy duty machines are required.

The suction cup design of foot pads keeps the machine stable while operating. This factor should also be considered before buying a suitable press machine.

The Final Word

The rosin is a very valuable concentrate and is used for many applications like glue, printing ink, and soldering flux.

The press machine is used for extracting rosin concentrate from the flowers and herbs. The flowers are pressed between hot plates to get the rosin.

We have reviewed and analyzed 8 top rated press machines used for extracting rosin. These machines have dual hot plates of different sizes and capacities.

The machine discussed above will be useful for multiple users.

A comprehensive buying guide is also added at the end of the article. This guide will enable you to narrow down the product list to buy a high quality press machine.

We are pretty hopeful that our review will be useful for you to understand the key features of the hot press machines.

We are also confident that you will purchase a best suited rosin press machine after reading our product review and buying guide for the same.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

We have summarized below some of the frequently asked questions about the rosin press machines. These questions will also be helpful for you to choose a better quality press machine for your needs.

Is pressing rosin worth it?

Yes, pressing the flowers will give you the high quality rosin. The yield of the press machine may not be higher. The rosin production varies with different machines. High quality and yield rosin press machines are also available in the market.

How is rosin extracted from flowers using a press?

The rosin is extracted from the flowers by pressing them between the hot plates under pressure. The hot plates have different sizes and heat capacities.

Which material is best for the heating plates?

The heating plates are made from diverse materials. Generally aluminum and stainless steel are the best quality material for heating plates. The plate material is further insulated to avoid heat loss from the plates.

How many tons of rosin press machines should I buy?

For the smaller qualities, a press machine of 2-5 tons is enough while for the larger quantities the press machine having the power of 15-30 tons is good.

How long should I press the rosin?

The temperature and time range for the rosin to be pressed varies with the type of the flowers and quality intended. Generally, the flowers stay on the plates within a temperature range of 180-220 oF for a period of 60-180 seconds. To get the high quality rosin the temperature can be slightly reduced by 150-190 Degree F while the pressing time can be increased a bit higher to 90-300 seconds.

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