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The rosin concentrate is produced from the freshly collected cannabis and marijuana flowers. It is rich in the natural terpenes.

The quality of rosin extracted from this process is unmatched and unprecedented. The use of this high quality rosin for da smoking will blow you away.

Pressure and temperature is the basic parameters to squish rosin.

To produce the highest quality of rosin high pressure is needed. A 20 ton rosin press is one of the best options to press the flower material at highest pressure.

This machine not only provides high pressure, it also has fairly high loading capacity. The yield of these high power machines are also outstanding.

The high pressure rosin press machines are generally installed in the workshop or garages to produce rosin on a commercial scale.

The installation of this type of machine requires a strong base to avoid vibration during pressing. To make the operation easier, a digital controller is provided with the machine.

In the article below we will discuss and compare some of the 20 ton press machines used for the rosin extraction.

This will enable you to choose a best suited machine for your needs. Let’s start discussion without any further delay.

Best 20 Ton Rosin Press Reviews

Here are the quick links to our chosen list of 20 ton press machines for extraction.

1. NugSmasher NS Touch 20 Ton Heat Press

Top Rated
  • 20 ton pressing capacity
  • 5 inch touch screen computer
  • 7×10 inch dual heating plates
  • Plates manufactured from 6061 aluminum
  • Three 160 watts heaters for each plates
  • Loading capacity of 28 grams
  • Built-in LED lights

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The NugSmasher is a reliable name for manufacturing high power press machines. The NS touch model is a sophisticated machine and is equipped with an interactive computer.

This computer comes with a 5 inch touch screen having a high resolution of 800×480. With the help of this touch screen, the machine can be operated by simply thumbing the screen.

It also allows for quickly swapping between the main menu, extractors and Wi-Fi. All the key parameters like pressure, temperature and time are displayed on the touch screen.

This makes the process control easier.

One of the best things about this press machine is it has the capacity to press the material up to 20 tons. Dual pressing option is available.

It can be attached with a pneumatic pressing system or can be operated manually through a handle.

The most significant part of this machine is the dual heating element consisting of two plates of 7×10 inch size. These plates are made of aircraft 6061 aluminum material.

The heat reception of this material is outstanding. Each plate is fitted with three 160 watts heaters to quickly heat up the plates.

Heat is equally distributed throughout the plates which make the extraction process smooth and efficient. The attached computer automatically calculates the surface area of the plates and adjusts pressing time and pressure.

The loading capacity of this powerful press machine is 28 grams which is fairly high for rosin extraction.

This press machine only supports 3, 5, 7 & 14 grams micron bags for the extraction process. Any other bag used for the extraction purpose will not deliver good results.

Circuit protection is also provided to make the operation safe and secure. The plates can also be inserted and removed with a quick release system.

What We Like

  • Safe and secure operation
  • Innovative and high tech
  • Quick heating
  • Efficient extraction
  • High loading capacity
  • Good yield
  • Easy to control
  • Automatically calculates surface area & time

Things to consider

  • Correctly use the computer
  • Don’t apply the pressure suddenly

2. Draytek DHP20 20 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine

Top Rated
  • Pressing force of 20 ton
  • Leak free bottle type hydraulic jack
  • Dual heating plates of 3×8 inch
  • Plate are made of aluminum
  • Loading capacity of 50 grams
  • Double channel digital controller
  • Solid Driptek stand for oil collection
  • Power consumption 875 watts

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Dulytek is also a trustworthy name in the field of press machines. The DHP20 press is a heavy duty machine and has the ability to conveniently press the material up to 20 tons.

A bottle hydraulic jack is provided with the machine for applying pressure. A handle is also attached with the jack to easily press the hydraulic pressure mechanism.

Adjustable pressure knob is also provided with the machine. This machine delivers high quality rosin products with high pressure.

It is important to mention here that dual heating plates are fitted with the machine. These plates measure 3×8 inch and are made of aluminum material.

Heaters are provided with the plates to evenly heat up the plates. 875 watts are required to warm the plates. A prepress heating mould is also included in the package to press the material before extraction.

To control the process correctly a double channel digital controller is provided with the machine. This controller allows setting the temperature of each plate separately.

The precision of the controller is very high. Time control can also be adjusted with the help of this controller.

The loading capacity of this press machine is around 50 grams. The yield of Dulytek is also unmatched.

The unique feature of this press is a triptek stand which is used for collection of any leaked from the jack. This stand is a solid one and made of high quality material.

The construction of this machine is heavy and suction type silicon feet are provided at the bottom for secure gripping of the machine.

What We Like

  • High quality product
  • Extra high yield
  • Quick and even heating
  • Easy control
  • Oil collection
  • Replaceable jack
  • Heavy duty built

Things to consider

  • Carefully apply the pressure

3. NugSmasher NS Pro 20 Heat Press Machine

Top Rated
  • Pressing power of 20 ton
  • Manual or pneumatic pressure application
  • Twin heating plates 7×10 inch
  • Plates fabricated from 6061 aluminum
  • Six heaters of 160 watts
  • Accurate pressure gauge
  • Loading capacity of 84 grams
  • Separate controller for each plate

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The NS Pro is another powerful press machine Nugsmasher. This machine conveniently allows you to press up to 20 tons.

The pressure can be applied manually or by pneumatic pressure. Any compressor between 90-120 psi can be used for this purpose. The rosin extracted through this press machine is of high quality.

This press machine is suitable for pressing high volumes of flower to produce rosin on a commercial scale.

The loading capacity of this heavy duty press machine is 84 grams which is one of the highest in this category. The yield of this press machine is also very good.

The good thing is the yield calculator is also equipped in this machine.

Dual heating plates of 7×10 inch size are fitted in this press machine. These plates are manufactured from 6061 aluminum material.

Three 160 watts heaters are provided with each plate to quickly heat up the plates. These plates offer consistent results.

Two separate controllers are fitted with the press to adjust the temperature of each plate independently. Timer controller is also provided with each plate to set the pressing time of extraction.

Temperature and time can be easily controlled with this built-in controller.

A joystick is provided with the machine to control the process manually. This stick can be used to limit and adjust pressure. In and out relief valves are also fitted with this control.

What We Like

  • Accurate pressure
  • Precise process control
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Quick and uniform heating
  • High capacity
  • Yield calculator
  • Easy to operate

Things to consider

  • 90-120 psi compressor should be used for pneumatic pressing

4. Sunex 5720 Fully Welded 20 Ton Manual Hydraulic Press

  • Manually operated 20 ton press
  • Bottle type hydraulic jack
  • Includes self-retracting ram
  • Glycerin filled pressure gauge
  • Provision to install heating plates

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The Sunex 5720 is a fully welded manual press machine. It is intended for workshop use. This manual machine can be improvised easily to add dual heating plates.

The plate mounting makes it useful for the extraction of rosin. Generally large heating plates are installed on this machine. Large amount of rosin can be produced with this machine.

This manual machine is equipped with a bottle type hydraulic jack. This jack is leak free and can also be replaced easily when the need arises.

A handle is also provided with the jack to quickly press the plates for rosin extraction purpose.

The best thing about this press is it includes a self-retracting ram. This ram makes plate installation easier and convenient. It helps to tighten the plates.

The ram removal is very simple and can be done by the workshop technicians. This ram also allows quick and correct alignment.

To correctly read the pressure, a glycerin filled pressure gauge is installed on the press machine. This gauge provides correct and accurate readings and has long life.

The assembly of this press machine is fabricated from the heavy duty steel material.

What We Like

  • Well-built and strong
  • Easy to improvise
  • Allows addition of heating plates
  • Accurate pressure reading
  • Quick alignment of plates with rams
  • Replaceable jack

Things to consider

  • Correctly install the plates for consistent results

5. Ironton 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

  • Includes a bottle type hydraulic jack
  • Extra-long handle for easy pressing
  • Pressing power of 20 ton
  • Made of heavy duty alloy steel
  • Adjustable lower platform
  • Allows installation of the heating plate

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Ironton manual hydraulic press is a shop press that can be manipulated to use for pressing of rosin from the flower material.

This press machine has the capacity to deliver a pressing power of 20 tons. Huge quantities of the rosin can be squished in the workshop or garage.

It is pertinent to mention here that a bottle type hydraulic jack is fitted on the manual press. An extra-long handle is also provided with the jack to easily press the material.

The jack can also be changed when needed.

The lower platform of this machine is moveable. This function of the press permits installing heating plates on the press. Ram can also be added to secure the heating plates.

Plates of any suitable size can be installed on the local press.

The best thing about this press is it is fabricated from the high strength alloy steel. The foundation of this press is also well balanced. The machine doesn’t move during the operation.

What We Like

  • High strength
  • Long lasting
  • Delivers heavy pressure
  • High rosin production
  • Easy to operate
  • Replaceable jack
  • Upgradable

Things to consider

  • Lacks pressure gauge

The Buying Guide

The 20 ton rosin press machines are generally manufactured to produce rosin at commercial scale. Usually these kinds of rosin press machines are being sold directly. Very few machines are available for online selling. The following key factors will help you to easily choose the right rosin press machine of this category.

Pressing Power

For the heavy press machines like 20 ton pressing power is the most important factor to consider while purchasing a rosin press machine.

The high pressure machines are either fitted by a hydraulic jack or pneumatic cylinder to provide the required pressing power to the machine.

The hydraulic cylinder is generally provided with a manual crank or handle for pressing the flower material between plates. The hydraulic jack fitted in the machine is of high quality and prevents leaking.

Hydraulic oil can also be quickly filled in the cylinder when needed. The replacement of old or damaged jack is also very easy.

Some of the 20 ton machines are compatible with both hydraulic and pneumatic power systems. One of such machines is the NS pro by Nugsmasher. These dual power machines are the best ones in the business.

Adjustable knob

The 20 ton press machine usually comes in a hydraulic pressing mechanism. Almost every hydraulic machine is fitted with a jack who includes an adjustable knob to change the pressure of the jack on the plates.

This knob is rotated to change the pressure of the cylinder. It is recommended to gradually increase the pressure of the machine.

If the pressure is increased suddenly then there are chances that the machine breaks or gets damaged. Adjustable pressure is a very handy feature of the hydraulic press machine.

The pressure of the machine can also be released by turning the knob in reverse direction.

Body Structure

The body structure of the 20 ton machine plays a vital role to bear such a huge pressure. These kinds of machines are usually fabricated from the high strength

American steel or stainless material. The body of the machine is further coated with a rust proof paint to make it corrosion resistant and long lasting.

To make the machine stable during the operation suction cup design pads are provided at the bottom of the machine.

Some 20 ton machines are even provided with the four metal pillars to improve the stability and balance while working. The structure material of the high power rosin press machine must be checked before making a final choice.

The workshop press can also be improvised to use for the rosin pressing. These machines are usually made of alloy steel which lasts for a longer time.

These press machines can easily absorb the vibration during the operation.


The portability of heavier machines like 20 tons is somehow difficult. The weight of these kinds of machines is usually more than 100 lbs.

These are installed in the workshops to produce rosin at commercial scale. These are actually manufactured to place at one location. The base frame of this kind of machine is also very strong.

Most of the machines are provided with four columns at the base to provide stability.

Plate Size

The flowers are pressed between the plates under heating to extract high quality rosin. The heating is therefore the basic component of a heat press machine.

Twin heating plates are essentially fitted with the machine to heat up the flower material for the rosin extraction process. The size of the press machine of 20 ton power is usually high.

The most common size of the plates for this kind of heat press machine is 7″x10″. Some machines are equipped with 3″x18″ plate sizes.

The size of the press machine generally increases with the increase of pressing power.

Plate Material

The plate material is also of high importance. You must consider the material of construction of the heating plates to get best results.

The heating capacity of the plates primarily depends on the material of construction. It also tells about the heat distribution throughout the plate length.

Generally the plates of high power press machines are made of aluminum, stainless steel material or copper coated alloys material. The aluminum 6061 is one of the best materials for rosin press machines.

These are further insulated to avoid any loss of heat during the extraction process. Some of the high power machines have a 15 mm thick insulation layer that makes heat loss impossible.

The aluminum plates provide quick heating. The heat is even distributed throughout the aluminum plate. The stainless steel made heating plates also allow the heat to be equally spread across the length of the plate.

The material of the heating plate of the press machine should also be carefully selected to fulfill your needs.

Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of the 20 ton rosin press machine is relatively high. These machines are primarily used for commercial scale to meet.

The high power machines are used in the workshops to fulfill the growing demands of the rosin dab smoking community. The loading capacity of the machine depends on the plate size and gap between the plates.

Normally the loading capacity of a 20 ton rosin press machine having a plate size of 7×10 inch is between 50-80 grams. This capacity is relatively high for a rosin press machine.

Another factor which contributes to the loading capacity and yield thereof is the pressure applied on the plates. Loading capacity of the 20 ton press machine must be checked, ordering one for your needs.

Temperature Controller

The rosin is extracted from the flowers by pressing them under hot plates. Temperature is therefore an important key factor of the press machine.

Most of the 20 ton rosin press machines are equipped with the digital temperature controller. The temperature reading is displayed on the digital screen which ensures close monitoring of the temperature.

Temperature setting controller allows adjusting the temperature of each separately as per requirement. The maximum temperature limit also varies with the different types of plates.

Some plates have a very high temperature range of 400 oF while some other machines have lower temperature range of up to 250 oF.

Some innovative machines are equipped with touch screen computers. This computer has the capacity to automatically calculate the surface area of the plates required for that surface area.

The precise and accurate temperature reading is provided with this type of controller

Time Setting

Pressing time of the flowers material is also considered important while extracting rosin concentrate from the herbs and flowers.

The high power 20 ton heat press machines are usually fitted with the double channel controller system. This allows you to adjust the time as well.

The general time setting range is between 0-999 seconds. Automatic timer shut off is also provided for some press machines. This type of timer will automatically turn off when the plates are opened.

The timer will again start counting from the zero. This feature permits us to monitor the pressing process more closely and effectively. The concentrate quality can also be enhanced by controlling the extracting time.

The innovative controller attached to some high quality rosin press machines automatically calculates the pressing time and adjusts it accordingly.

Ease of Operation

The ease of operation of a 20 ton press machine is also considered while purchasing. Most of the 20 ton power press machines are hydraulic in nature.

The hydraulic machines are provided with a jack that is fitted with a handle to easily press the plates. The hydraulic jack is replaceable whenever the need arises.

The applied pressure can be released by simply turning the adjustable pressure knob.

The loading of flower material between the plates is also very simple and easy. The material is wrapped in a micron bag and then placed between the plates.

The upper plate is generally pressed with the pressing mechanism. The product is removed after releasing the pressure with the help of an adjustable knob.

Touch screen machines are also available. These machines are the easiest to operate and control.

Power Requirement

The 20 ton heat press machines normally require high power. These machines are equipped with the plates that have heating elements for heating up the plates.

Generally the high power machines have two heating elements for each plate. The two elements quickly warm the plates and the heat is also spread uniformly throughout the plate. 160 watts heating elements are fitted with the NugSmasher machines.

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The Final Word

The high power rosin press machines are used for producing high quantities of rosin. The higher pressure ensures higher quality. The yield of these machines is also very good. Generally the 20 ton and higher power machines are fabricated from high strength alloy steel. These machines are permanently installed in the workshops or garages for extraction of rosin.

We have reviewed and analyzed 3 rosin press machines and 2 local press machines in the above article. The loading capacities of these machines are high and so is the yield. This review is useful for multiple users of different budgets and requirements.

A detailed buying guide is also added at the end of the article. This guide is clearly elaborative and helps the customers to decide a best suited machine for their needs.

We are really hopeful that you will find this product review useful. We are also sure that you will definitely purchase a suitable press machine after reading this review and product guide.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Folks are asking too many questions about the rosin press machines of high power. The most frequently asked questions are listed below.

What is the loading capacity of the 20 ton press machine?

The loading capacity of the 20 ton press machines is usually very high comparatively to other machines. Generally the loading capacity of press machines in this category is between 50-80 grams. The capacity is even more for the shop presses. Large quantities of the rosin can be pressed with these presses.

What is the yield production of 20 ton press machines?

As discussed earlier the loading capacities of 20 ton rosin press machines are generally high. 20 ton of pressure is applied to squish rosin from the flowers. Higher the pressure, higher will be the yield of the machine. So the yield production of these machines is really good.

What is the general plate size of 20 ton press machines?

The press machine is equipped with dual heating plates. The size of the heating plates also decides the capacity of the machine. The general plate size for this kind of machine is 7"x10". Smaller size plates are found in these machines.

Can a workshop press be upgraded to a rosin press machine?

Yes, The workshop press machines can easily be upgraded to a rosin press by adding the ram and heating plates. The heating plates are tightened and secured with the ram. A hydraulic jack is provided with this type of machine for easy pressing. The capacity of the workshop press is even higher.

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