Best Hair Straightener for Rosin

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Rosin is a solventless concentrate extracted from cannabis and marijuana. It is totally free of any chemical or additive. It is mainly used for medicines and dab smoking.

The taste and the quality of the rosin are unmatched. The dabbers will get super stoned after smoking this pure form of cannabis.

The rosin can easily be extracted with a heat press machine by a right combination of heat & pressure.

The rosin press machines are generally expensive and require some experience to run. A hair straightener can be used to squish rosin at home. You only need parchment paper to wrap the flower material.

The issue is which straightener is suited for this process. Three things are necessary to consider, and these are wide ceramic plates, easy temperature setting, and easy to press.

You will easily find many hair straighteners having these attributes.

We have personally experimented with multiple hair straighteners to squeeze out rosin from the cannabis flowers. Our list includes some of the top performing straighteners.

Our experience of extracting rosin with a hair straightener will also be helpful in choosing a better hair straightener for squeezing out rosin at home.

8 Best Hair Straightener for Rosin Reviews

The quick links to our chosen list of straighteners are given below.

1. Conair Infinitipro Tourmaline 2″ Ceramic Flat Iron

Editor’s Pick
    • 2″ wide ceramic plates
    • 5 heat settings
    • Heats up to 445 oF
    • Quick heating in 15 seconds
    • Infrared heating
    • LED display for monitoring temperature

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The Infinitipro hair straightener by Conair is an excellent option to squeeze out rosin at home. It is equipped with 2″ wide plates.

These plates are coated with the ceramic to retain the heat for a longer period of time. The heat loss is negligible.

To extract the rosin with this hair straightener, simply wrap the flower material in a parchment paper and place it between the plates. The plates are then pressed manually to squeeze out rosin.

The best thing about this device is it has 5 different levels of heat settings. The suitable temperature can be easily set by choosing between levels.

The temperature is also displayed on the LED screen fitted at the handle of the straightener.

It is quite important to mention here that the heating source of the straightener is infrared. The plates quickly heat up within 15 seconds. The maximum temperature to which the plates can be heated is 445 oF.

The heat is evenly distributed throughout the plates. No hot or cold spot on the plate is observed. This helps to produce high quality rosin by the right combination of heating and manual pressing.

The plastic body of the straightener is safe to press by hand. In short, it is an economical choice to press rosin on a low budget.

What We Like

  • Even heating
  • Quick heating
  • Easy to press
  • Multiple heat levels
  • Wider plates
  • No heat loss

Things to consider

  • The chord is bit small

2. Remington 2″ Flat Iron with Themaluxe Advanced Technology

Top Rated
    • 2″ wide heating pates
    • 10x more ceramic
    • 30 heat setting
    • High heating to 450 oF
    • 15 seconds quick heat up
    • 60 minutes auto shutoff
    • Optimization of heat levels.

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Remington is a well-known name in the hair straightener industry. The straighteners manufactured by this brand can be conveniently used for rosin pressing.

The 2″ flat iron features advanced thermaluxe thermal heating technology. This technology optimizes the heat and helps to prevent damage to the material being pressed.

This hair straightener is an excellent option to extract rosin at home.

One of the best features of this device is the 30 heat setting. You can choose any of the settings according to needs to avoid overheating.

None of the straighteners has as much heat setting as Remington.

This flat iron features 2″ wide plates. These plates have 10x more ceramic coating than the competing devices. The heat loss becomes impossible with this high coating.

This coating keeps heat inside the plates and ensures consistent extraction. The heat loss is also prevented.

One of the unique features of this straightener is the quick heating up of plates in only 15 seconds. The plates start heating up quickly irrespective of any heat setting.

The machine is therefore provided with a safety protection of auto shutoff after 60 minutes.

What We Like

  • Multiple heat settings
  •  Quick heating
  •  More reliable coating
  •  Zero heat loss
  • Consistent squeezing
  • Heat optimization

Things to consider

  • Too fast heating

3. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Best Budgt
    • Includes 1″ wide heating plates
    • Features 8 micro-sensors with heat balance technology
    • Plates made of ceramic & tourmaline crystal ion
    • Allows temperature changes between 140-450 oF
    • Compatible with 110/220 volt
    • 360o swivel chord

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Our next selection of hair straightener for the home based rosin extraction is HIS professional flat iron. This straightener includes 1″ wide heating plates.

These heating plates are manufactured from ceramic and tourmaline crystal ions. Although the plates of this flat iron are small , the grip and the heat control of this machine is still excellent.

It can be conveniently used for pressing rosin at home.

This hair straightener features a unique 8 micro-sensor heat balance technology. This advanced technology ensures even and smooth distribution of heat throughout the plates.

It also allows you to efficiently control the temperature of the plates. With this technology the ceramic plates take less time to completely heat up.

This modern flat iron permits to adjust the temperature between 140-450 oF. You can choose any suitable temperature for rosin pressing at home.

The good thing is this straightener can be run at both 110/220 volts. Moreover the chord of the device can be rotated at 360o.

What We Like

  • High temperature range
  • Even heating
  • High quality plates
  • Quick heating
  • Works with all voltages

Things to consider

  • Plate size is small
  • No auto shutoff safety protection

4. REVLON 2″ Ceramic Flat Iron

  • 2″ wide heating plates
  • Ceramic coating to prevent heat loss
  • Multiple heat setting
  • Temperature limit 400 oF
  • Auto shut off safety protection
  • Fast heating feature

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REVLON is a trustworthy name in the field of hair straighteners. The flat iron manufactured by this brand can be equally used for extraction of rosin from the flowers.

This iron is equipped with 2″ wide plates. These plates are wide enough to hold the parchment paper loaded with the cannabis flowers to squeeze out rosin concentrate.

The efficient heat control ensures high quality product with a low budget flat iron.

The best feature of this hair straightener is the multiple heat settings. The product also features a quick heat up function.

The quick heating function coupled with any suitable heat setting will deliver top quality rosin extracted at home.

The temperature limit of this flat iron is 400 oF. The heating setting function allows choosing optimum temperature for rosin squishing.

This also helps to control the extraction process closely.

The straightener is provided with an on/off button to easily operate it. Auto shutoff safety protection is also added to avoid overheating and burning.

What We Like

  • Easy to operate
  • True grip
  • Quick heating
  • Efficient heat control
  • Consistent product
  • Overheating safety

Things to consider

  • Needs careful handling

5. Xtava Pro Satin Infrared 2″ Flat Iron

  • Features 2″ wide plates
  • Plates made of tourmaline 7 ceramic
  • 10 heat setting
  • LCD digital display
  • Temperature range 265-445 oF
  • 90 second quick heating
  • 60 minutes auto shutoff protection

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The Xtava hair straightener is also a very good choice to press rosin at home. This device is equipped with 2″ wide heating plates. These plates are manufactured from the tourmaline and ceramic.

The ceramic coating prevents the heat loss while the tourmaline ensures quick heating. The rosin can be extracted by placing the flower material between the plates and then pressed manually.

The best thing about this flat iron is it utilizes infrared technology to warm the plates. The plates are heated evenly without leaving any cold or hot spot.

The temperature range of this flat straightener is between 265-445 oF. 10 heat settings are provided with this iron to choose from.

Any suitable temperature can be set for the burn free solvent less extraction of rosin. Moreover the temperature is displayed on the LCD digital screen for better and efficient control.

Quick heating feature is also included in this hair straightener. It takes only 90 seconds to reach the maximum set temperature.

To keep the straightener safe and secure 60 minute auto shutoff safety protection is also added in this machine.

the 8 feet long chord is fitted with a flat iron that can be rotated at 360o. The Manufacturer also offers a 2 year warranty for this product.

What We Like

  • High heat capacity
  • Multiple heat setting
  • Digital display
  • Efficient control
  • Quick heating
  • Safety protection
  • Allows chord swivel

Things to consider

  • Comparatively slow heating

6. Magnifeco Professional 1.6″ Flat Iron

  • Includes 4″ x 1.6″ heating plates
  • Plates made of PA66 material
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Digital display
  • 60 minute auto shutoff
  • Temperature tolerance 170-450 oC

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The Magnifeco professional flat iron is another very good option for the pressing rosin at home. The plates of this iron are 1.6 inch wide and 4 inch long.

These plates are made of high strength PA66 material. Furthermore the plates are coated with ceramic material. This enhances the heat capacity of the plates.

The flower buds can be conveniently pressed between these plates to produce high quality rosin.

The good thing is the plates are heated through infrared technology. This mode of heating ensures even heating leaving no hot or cold spot.

The equal heat distribution also helps to press consistent quality rosin.

One of the best highlights of this straightener is the provision to adjust the temperature. The temperature is displayed on the LED screen.

The digital display offers to control the extraction process more closely. Moreover this flat iron allows changing the temperature from 170 to 450 oF.

This hair straightener quickly heats up to the desired temperature. To avoid overheating and damage to the rosin, 60 minutes auto shutoff safety protection is incorporated in this flat iron.

The safe working of the straightener makes the pressing process more efficient.

What We Like

  • Quick heating
  • Plates retains heat for long time
  • Allows temperature adjusting
  • Efficient control
  • Wide temperature range
  • Safety protection

Things to consider

  • Durability of the iron is not very high

7. CPI 1″ Ceramic plate Hair Straightener

  • 1″ wide ceramic heating plates
  • Dual voltage suitability
  • Temperature range is 392 oF
  • 11 feet swivel chord
  • Quick heating

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The CPI 1″ flat iron is a bit smaller in size, but it is an excellent option for pressing rosin. The plates are super durable and retain the heat for extra-long time.

The heat necessary for pressing the rosin is enough. The quality of the rosin is also consistent and burn free. Due to the smaller size of the plates only small quantity flower material is pressed 2 plates.

One of the best features of this hair straightener is quick heating of plates. The plates heat up within a matter of seconds.

The plates retain the heat & maintain high temperature for a longer period. So the iron keeps the high temperature and does not require fresh heating for every batch.

The straightener is provided with an 11 feet chord that can be swiveled 360 degrees. This makes the movement of the straightener easier and convenient.

The temperature range of this flat iron is 392 oF, which is a bit low in comparison to other flat irons available in the market.

Moreover the temperature adjusting option is also not available with the straightener.

What We Like

  • Quick heating
  • Retains the heat for longer period
  • Minimum heat loss
  • Freedom of movement
  • Easy to press

Things to consider

  • Temperature range is a bit low
  • No provision for temperature setting

8. VAVOOV 1.75″ Wide Titanium Flat Iron

  • 1.75″ wide heating plates
  • Plates made of Titanium
  • LCD display
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Temperature limit 170-450 oF
  • Dual voltage compatibility
  • 60 minutes auto shutoff

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The VAVOOV hair straightener comes in 1.75″ wide heating plates. The plates of the iron are made of Nano-Titanium material.

This material is super strong and lasts for an extra-long time. The durability of this flat iron is unmatched. This can be conveniently used for the extraction of the solvent less rosin at home.

The rosin concentrate produced by this hair straightener is of consistent quality.

One of the best features of this flat iron is temperature adjustment. The temperature can be set between 170-450 oF. The plates maintain the high and even temperature.

LCD temperature display is another very good highlight of this flat iron. The digital temperature display makes the process control easier and efficient.

The VAVOOV flat iron also features 60 minutes auto shutoff. This safety protection prevents the plates from overheating and damage to the rosin being pressed.

The 360 degree chord swivel is another handy feature of this flat iron which makes the movement of the hair straightener easier and convenient. Moreover the hair straightener can be operated at both 110/220 volts.

What We Like

  • Quick heating plates
  • Retains heat for long time
  • High durability
  • Wide temperature range
  • Easy pressing
  • Convenient movement

Things to consider

  • Grip of the straightener is not very good

The Buying Guide

The market is flooded with the different types of hair straighteners. These are primarily used for straightening hair.

The choice of right hair straightener for the rosin pressing requires considering a number of factors. The details of these factors are given below.

Wide Plate Size

The plate size of the hair straightener plays the key role for pressing the rosin at home. The larger the plate size the higher the rosin quality, similarly the smaller plate size will produce relatively low quality rosin.

Moreover, the larger plates will have high loading capacity while the smaller plates will have low capacity. The most common plate size of hair straightener is 1, 1.5, 1.75 and 2.

As evident from the figures the 2″ is the largest plate size of the hair straightener. So it is better to use a 2″ wide plate hair straightener for pressing rosin at home.

Ceramic Coating

The plates are generally coated with the ceramic to prevent heat loss to the surrounding. The material of the plates combined with the ceramic coating enhances the heat capacity of the plates.

The plates are normally made of titanium, PA66 and tourmaline material. The coated plates have the capacity to heat up quickly. Moreover these plates retain the heat for a longer period of time.

There is no need to heat up plates for every fresh batch of rosin extraction. The thickness of the ceramic coating varies with the brand. So always check the ceramic coating and its thickness before using a hair straightener for the rosin pressing.

Heat settings

Heat setting or adjustment is the most important feature to control the heating of the extraction process. Every hair straightener is not equipped with the heat setting modes.

The modern hair straightener has multiple heat settings. Some machines even have 10 different settings. The heat setting allows you to adjust the temperature according to your pressing needs.

The temperature is also mentioned for some of the hair straighteners. Generally the hair straighteners come with a temperature range of 170-450 oF. This is a very wide temperature range, so a suitable temperature can easily be selected.

Digital Display

Digital temperature display is a necessary feature for the hair straightener to be used for the extraction of rosin at home.

The digital temperature display is an additional feature which is incorporated in the flat iron to make the heating process efficient and effective.

From the rosin pressing perspective the digital temperature display allows you to check the temperature during the process and control the process effectively. Choose a hair straightener that has a clear understanding of digital displays.

Strong Grip

Grip of the flat iron is also checked while using it for the rosin pressing purpose. The hair straightener is pressed by holding the handle. Use a hair straightener with a textured handle for extraction of rosin. The texture handles provide better grip and are easy to press. A slippery surface is not easy to hold and press.


The durability of the hair straightener is also checked while using it for the rosin pressing. The durability of the flat iron is determined by the quality of the plates.

The Titanium made heating are the most durable and long lasting heating plates fitted in the hair straightener. The ceramic coating of the plates also enhances the durability of the straightener.

For rosin pressing the hair straightener has to be pressed at high temperature and for a relatively longer period. So a highly durable flat iron is best suited for the extraction process.

Overheating Protection

Most of the hair straighteners feature quick heating. This function also entails the risk of overheating the plates. The overheating can burn the rosin being pressed.

The taste of the rosin is of high importance for using it in medicine or dab smoking. So the innovative hair straighteners are provided with overheating safety protection.

The general overheating is 60 minutes. After this time the straightener will automatically stop and prevent the burning or damage of the rosin.

Dual Voltage Compatibility

Dual voltage compatibility is a very handy feature of the hair straightener. It offers to run the straightener both at 110/220 volts.

In some states the voltage of the electricity is 110 while in some others it is 220. Some states even have both 110 and 220 voltage supply. You can press the straightener at any of the voltages.

360 Degree swivel

Generally the hair straighteners are fitted with electric chords that can be rotated at 360 degrees. This makes the movement and pressing of the hair straightener easier.

The length of the chord differs with each model. Some have 11 feet while some others have 8 or 6 feet long cable. The longer the chord, the easier the movement will be.

The Final Word

Hair straightener is one of the easiest ways to press rosin at home. A suitable hair straightener must have stronger grip, multiple heat settings and wide heating plates. Overheating protection is also a very important function for the hair straightener.

We have discussed above 8 top rated hair straighteners that can be conveniently used for pressing rosin. All these flat iron are equipped with the wide heating plates, quick heating, multiple heat setting digital temperature and overheating protection. The size of the straightener is different and will be handy for multiple customers to choose from.

A comprehensive buying guide is also added at the end of the article. This guide clearly highlights the key features of the hair straighteners suitable for rosin pressing.

We are really hopeful that you will be able to understand the performance and functionality of hair straightener after reading our above article. We are also confident that this will help you to buy a suitable flat iron for rosin pressing needs.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

People are asking so many questions about the use of hair straighteners for rosin pressing purposes. We have gathered here some of the most frequently asked questions about rosin pressing with flat iron.

Can a hair straightener be used for rosin pressing?

Yes, a hair straightener of high quality can be used for rosin pressing. Rosin is pressed under temperature and pressure. A hair straightener can provide enough heat and pressure to extract rosin from the flower material. The pressure is applied by pressing the handle manually.

What is the best temperature to press rosin with a hair straightener?

The best temperature for rosin pressing with a hair straightener is between 150-300oF. The flat iron is heated up to 150-300 oF. Higher temperature will provide high quality rosin, but it will also need some caring. The extra high temperature can also burn the rosin.

How do you press the bus with hair straightener?

Wrap the flower material in the parchment paper. Place the loaded paper between the plates. Press the handle of the hair straightener for a short interval of time. Repeat this process a couple of times to get the best quality rosin at home.

Which is the best plate material for hair straighteners?

Titanium made plates are one of the best quality plates for pressing rosin with the hair straightener. These plates are also coated with the ceramic to retain the heat for a longer period of time. The heat loss from these plates is negligible.

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