Best Parchment Paper for Dabs

The baking or parchment paper is used in any type of extraction or pressing process. The parchment paper comes in bleached or unbleached forms.

The bleached parchment is made of 100% natural material. The good thing is it is totally free of any foreign chemical like chlorine. The purity of parchment paper makes it fit for the dabs.

One of the best highlights of this paper is it effectively blocks the mixing of any contaminant with the dab. Thus it helps to maintain the natural aroma and taste of the dab.

The parchment paper can also resist the extreme pressures efficiently as its thickness is on the higher side. The durability of these papers is also very good and it lasts for a longer time than the other competing papers.

Heat is also involved in the extraction process of dabs, the parchment papers offer excellent heat resistance as well. This paper also helps to enhance the quality of the dabs.

The dabber is a pure product full of natural taste and free of any toxic element if pressed with the high quality parchment. In the below article we will discuss the mandatory attributes of parchment paper for the dabs.

What is Dab?

The dab is a broad term used for all the concentrate extracted from cannabis and marijuana. This is full of terpenes which is a high quality relaxing and intoxicating agent.

The primary use of the dab is for smoking. It is equally popular amongst the youngsters and old due to its natural taste and unprecedented soothing effect.

Many different types of concentrates produced by pressing or extraction from cannabinoids and marijuana are categorized as Dab.

The THC and CBD extracted from the above mentioned materials also fall under this vast term of Dab. Shatter, Wax, budder, honey, sap, taffy and oil are some other commonly known extracts of cannabis which also come under the term Dab.

The dabbing community has coined these names of cannabis concentrates to best describe the product function.

The shatter is the most brittle and hard material and it breaks into pieces if it drops, so it is the most fitting and appropriate description.

All of these materials are sticky in nature therefore the parchment paper is very useful to handle these products.

Attributes of Best parchment Paper for dabs

Dab is a very delicate and sticky concentrate used for smoking. The dab is required to be preserved as a well maintained space to keep its aroma & taste intact.

Special quality parchment is used for extracting different kinds of dabs. We have listed below some of the mandatory attributes of parchment paper for dabs.

Heat Resistance

As mentioned above, different types of dabs are extracted under heat and pressure. The cannabis is pressed in a rosin machine or any home-made machine to extract the concentrate. The cannabis or marijuana is folded in a parchment paper to prevent the concentrate from spreading around.

The surface of the parchment paper is coated to make it resistant against heating. This layer of silicone is so effective that it can efficiently withstand a high temperature up to 450 oF.

The silicone coating also helps to block the unwanted contaminant from mixing in the dab concentrate. Hence the taste and aroma of cannabis concentrate is kept maintained.

The heat resistant parchment paper also delivers low blowouts during the heat pressing of the cannabis and marijuana.

High heat resistance is a one of the mandatory features of the parchment paper for using it in the dab industry.


Most of the dab concentrates are sticky in nature. These extracts tend to stick over the surface of the paper on which these are being pressed.

The parchment papers are made of anti-sticking materials and don’t allow the concentrate to stick to its surface. The anti-sticking ability of the paper also helps to collect the concentrate easily and conveniently.

The surface of the paper effectively resists the scratching and scrubbing.

The collection tools are generally sharp and can damage the surface of the paper, but the surface of high quality paper is not affected by the sharp tools while collecting concentrate.

Withstand Shredding

High quality parchment paper is usually made of high strength material that can withstand heavy pressures. The paper can efficiently bear a very high pressure of up to 20 tons without tearing or shredding.

The low quality bake pressure does not have this ability to resist the high pressure. These papers tend to tear apart during the pressing.

Therefore, the high quality parchment paper is preferred for the pressing and extraction process. The low quality paper can also result in burning and blowout and reduce the quality of the concentrate being produced.

To get high quality cannabis concentrate for dabbing a high strength heavy duty parchment is recommended.

Oil and Grease Resistance

Oil is also released during the pressing and extraction process. The oil quickly spreads over the surface of the paper and can hamper the quality of concentrate.

The parchment paper is also resistant against oil and grease. The grease can also come from the different parts of the machine during the pressing process.

The mixing of the oil and grease with extract being squeezed can substantially alter the taste and composition of concentrate. This will also reduce its quality.

A parchment paper resistant to oil and grease should be used for dab concentrates.

High Thickness

Generally the thickness of the parchment paper is very fine. But the paper used for handling and processing of dabs is required to be extra thick.

The thickness of the paper increases its ability to resist high temperature and pressure. It also helps to prevent blowouts and failure during the pressing process.

The high thickness parchment paper prevents the seeping and leaking of concentrate. The storage of dab concentrate is therefore recommended on the parchment paper.

The storage of dab concentrate in an airtight environment can enhance the life span of the concentrate.


The durability of the parchment paper also depends on the thickness and strength of the material. The heavy duty parchment papers tend to last for a longer period of time without tearing or damaging.

The heat and pressure resistance also enhance the durability of the parchment used for the pressing of the dab concentrate. A common baking paper is extremely fine and cannot resist the high temperature and pressure conditions.

It will burn or tear apart during the extracting process and result in the failure of production costing money and time.

A highly durable parchment is preferred to produce top quality cannabis concentrate.


The parchment papers are relatively expensive than the common baking papers. So the reusability of the paper makes it cost efficient. A high quality parchment paper can be used for more than one time. Some papers are even designed to be used thrice or four times. The reusability of the paper is a very handy feature for handling and storing of cannabis concentrates. These papers normally last for a longer time and help to save a bit of money.


Size of the parchment paper is one of the most important features. The dab is generally extracted in square shaped parchment paper.

Most of the manufacturers provide pre cut paper pieces to make the choice of paper easier and convenient. A pre cut sheet will not have to be cut again for using in the extraction process.

The only disadvantage is the precut paper is used as a whole and cannot be into a desired size due to size limitation. The precut paper can be smaller and longer in some cases.

On the other hand an extra-long parchment paper can be cut to required size for pressing.

In case you need a precut paper, then the size of extraction plates must be known so that a suitable paper size can be selected.

Food Grade

The dabs are generally used for smoking and for medical purposes. So a parchment paper of food grade is preferred. The silicone coating and material of the parchment paper should adhere to the food safety.

Generally speaking the unbleached parchment paper is free of any chemical and is manufactured from the pure natural wood material. To keep the taste and composition of the dab concentrate a parchment paper of food grade should be used.

Cutting of Parchment Paper for Dabs

The dab extraction is carried in a rosin press machine or any of the pressed machines used in the workshops and garage.

The dimensions of the parchment depend on the size and surface area of the plates used for pressing. The smaller plate requires small size paper while the larger plates need longer parchment papers.

If the pre-cut parchment paper is not used then the paper has to be cut to match the dimensions of the pressing machine. The paper is cut with a sharp scissor or knife.

The length of the parchment paper is kept a bit longer to easily fold the cannabis inside the paper. This will help to prevent the overflowing of the concentrate on the plate surface.

The Final Word

The dab concentrate extracted from cannabis is one of the trendy fashions nowadays. The cannabis concentrate is pressed in the parchment paper. A high quality parchment paper can help to produce concentrate of top quality and taste.

Heat and pressure resistance are the most essential features of the parchment paper. These should also be resistant to the oil and grease. Anti-sticking feature is also mandatory to easily collect the concentrate. The unrefined and unbleached food grade parchment papers are preferred for the pressing of dabs for medical purposes.

We hope that our article will help you to better understand the functionality and key features of parchment paper required for dabs.

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