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Rosin is honey-like solvent less concentrated extracted from cannabis and marijuana. The rosin is free of any hazardous chemicals and the taste is also excellent.

With the transition of cannabis from the black market to a legal item, the demand for rosin is skyrocketing. Folk are looking for portable press machines to squish rosin for their personal use.

The portable rosin press machines are generally lightweight and easy to move anywhere. The setting up of these machines is also very simple and convenient.

Freshly collected cannabis and marijuana flowers are pressed between the plates of the machine to produce rosin. The rosin produced can be directly used or stored for consumption later on.

We have explored plenty of rosin press machines and selected the following seven portable machines for review. Our review includes pros and cons of these press machines.

Salient features have also been highlighted. This will be extremely useful for our readers to understand the functionality and performance of the machines. The choice of a suitable press machine will also be easier.

Let us start our review without any further delay.

7 Best Portable Rosin Press Reviews

Here are the quick links to our chosen list of portable rosin press machines.

1. Dulytek DM800 Portable Rosin Press Machine

Editor’s Pick
  • Pressing force 1350 lbs
  • Twin heating plates of 2.5×3 inches
  • Double channel temperature controller
  • Built-in handle for manual pressing
  • Adjustable pressure knob
  • Easily fits in the backpack

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The DM800 press machine is manufactured by a highly trustworthy Dulytek. This machine weighs only 10 lbs and is super portable. You can pack it in the backpack or any other bag to carry it with you.

It is an excellent option to press the rosin in the gathering of friends at parties or functions. The quality of the rosin produced from this small machine is unmatched.

It is pertinent to mention here that this is manual in nature. An ergonomic handle is provided with the machine to press the flower material.

The maximum pressing force of this portable press is 1350 lbs. The good thing is a silicon knob is fitted with the handle to adjust the pressure. This knob can also be used to release the pressure.

The most important part of this lightweight machine is the dual plate heating element. The surface area of each plate is 2.5×3 square inches.

This area is enough to squish a quantity of 4-6 grams. These plates are fabricated from the aluminum material. The heat reception of this material is very good.

The feature of this machine is a double channel temperature controller. The controller is located at the back of the machine.

It can be easily operated to set the pressing temperature of each plate separately. This controller allows switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Time controller permits to pre adjust the pressing time of the machine.

The Dulytek also provides extra accessories with the machine. A silicon mat, 10 parchment papers, collection tool, storage jar and 4 magnets are part of the package. It is also certified by CE and RoHS for safe operations.

What We Like

  • Super portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be put in a bag
  • Consistent rosin concentrate
  • Simple control

Things to consider

  • Handle can broke if pressed more aggressively

2. DABPRESS 4 Ton Portable Press Machine

Top Rated
  • Includes a replaceable bottle jack
  • Pressing force 4 ton
  • Surface area of plate is 3×5 square inch
  • Plates are made of 6061 aluminum
  • PID temperature controller
  • Body fabricated from chrome steel

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The DABPRESS is also a reliable name for manufacturing of heat press machines. The 4 ton press by DABPRESS is a small machine and weighs around 13 kgs.

The overall dimensions of the machine are 1x1x1.5 feet which is not too large. The mobility of this press machine is extremely easy for extraction of rosin at a party point.

The heating element of this machine consists of dual plates. The plates are manufactured from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. The surface area of each plate is 3×5 square feet.

The loading capacity of these plates is around 10 grams. The heat capacity of these plates is exceptional.

A replaceable bottle type hydraulic jack is fitted in this machine. The jack is almost free of leaking. A handle is provided with the jack to easily press the plates.

The maximum power to which this machine can be pressed is 4 ton. But it is better to press the plates below 4 tons.

The best thing about this machine is the PID controller. This controller allows adjusting the temperature of each plate separately.

The temperature limit of plates is very high but it is recommended to keep the temperature below 200 oF. The quality of rosin is achieved by the right combination of pressure, time and temperature.

This DABPRESS heat press machine is built from chrome steel which is fully resistant to corrosion and rusting. This machine is also recommended for lab use.

What We Like

  • Easy pressing
  • Leak free
  • Close temperature control
  • High heat capacity plates
  • Well-built
  • Super easy mobility

Things to consider

  • Keep the pressure & temperature low

3. MyPress Gen 2 Portable Heat Press Machine

Best Budget
  • Twin heating plates of 3×3 inches
  • Plates made of stainless steel
  • Plates locking mechanism
  • Digital controller
  • Automatic timer
  • Built-in handle for pressing

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The MyPress Gen2 press machine is extremely lightweight and truly portable. Its size is smaller than a home based coffee machine. A carrying handle is provided to carry the machine with you.

The operation of this machine is also very simple and convenient. The machine features a unique locking mechanism. You can quickly lock the heating plates before pressing.

To press the flower material the plates a pushing handle is fitted with the machine. Once the plates are locked, this handle is pushed to extract the rosin from the flowers. The pressure is checked by feeling and experience of pressing.

The most important part of this machine is the dual plate heating element. The plates measure 3×3 inch and are made of axiom grade stainless steel. These plates are very solid and retain heat for a longer period.

The temperature range of these plates is from 100-250 oF. The temperature of the plates can be increased or decreased to get the maximum yield.

The best temperature for squeezing rosin from the flower with these plates comes from experience and practice.

A digital controller is attached to the machine to control the process temperature. The temperature of the plates can be adjusted with the prescribed range.

The LCD screen displays the reading in clearly understandable digits. Automatic timer is also a part of this portable machine. The pressing time will automatically start for every batch.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Unique plate locking system
  • Consistent product result
  • Maximum yield
  • Digital control

Things to consider

  • Preheat the plates before use

4. Rosineer Grip Twist Heat Press Machine

  • Insulated twin heating plates of 3×5 inch
  • Plates made of aluminum
  • Digital controller
  • Two configuration assemble
  • Pressing force 5000 lbs
  • Energy required 825 watts

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The Rosineer grip twist is a small rosin press machine. It comes with two mounting options. The machine can be installed with spreading legs or suction feet.

The twist handle is rotated to lower the upper plates for pressing purpose. The maximum pressing force of this small machine is between 5000-5500.

The weight of the machine is only 10 kgs and is easy to move and carry.

The detachable control panel is one of the best features of this machine. The controller permits setting the desired time and temperature before starting the extraction process.

The setting up of the machine is really easier with this controller. The pressing parameters are shown on the LCD screen.

This lightweight machine is fitted with the two heating plates of 3×5 inch size. These plates are made of aluminum and have relatively large loading.

The plates are heated with 825 watts built-in heaters. The heating is distributed evenly across the plates to deliver consistent quality rosin concentrate.

A user’s manual is also provided with the machine. Starter kit is also part of the machine. Micron bags and parchment are included in the package.

What We Like

  • Easy to carry and move
  • Even heating
  • Consistent rosin quality
  • Mounting options
  • Digital control
  • Manual pressing handle

Things to consider

  • Slowly twist the handle to press the flower material

5. ROSITEK PMP2- 2 Ton Portable Rosin Press

  • Fitted with an innovative lever system
  • Dual heating plates of 3×3 inch
  • Plates made of aluminum
  • Pressing power is 2 ton
  • Loading capacity is 5 grams
  • Digital controller
  • 300 watt heater
  • 17 lbs weight

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The ROSITEK is another well-known name in the industry of rosin press machines. The PMP2 model is a portable press machine; its weight is only 17 lbs and is extremely easy to carry.

The mobility of this press is really convenient. An innovative lever system is the unique feature of this machine. This system consists of an 11.7 inch long handle and or u shaped steel profile.

This long handle makes the pressing of the loaded material easier and efficient.

The most significant part of this machine is the dual heating plates. These plates measure 3×3 inch and are fabricated from the aluminum material.

The heat retention of this material is very good. Heat loss is also minimal. 300 watts heaters are provided with the machine to quickly heat up the plates. 5 grams of the flower material can be conveniently pressed in this small rosin press machine.

The rosin is extracted by pressing the material manually with the long handle. The pressing power of this machine is 2 ton.

The handle should not be pressed suddenly, instead it should be lowered slowly to produce a high quality product.

Built-in digital controller is another very good feature of this lightweight machine. The temperature can be adjusted with this controller.

The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen of the controller. Moreover, the process can be closely monitored with the controller.

This press machine is a very good choice for the beginners.

What We Like

  • Innovative pressing
  • Simple control
  • Quick heating
  • Lightweight and easy mobility
  • High quality product
  • Well-made

Things to consider

  • Slowly press the material
  • Takes around 30 seconds for warming

6. LTQ 4 Ton Portable Rosin Press

  • Twin heating plates of 4.5×4.7 inches
  • Material of construction of plates is 6061 aluminum
  • Digital controller
  • Pressing power is 4 ton
  • Heating energy required is 600 watts
  • Weight is 10 kgs
  • Pressure adjuster

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The LTQ portable press is a very popular machine for extracting rosin. This machine is operated manually. Its main body is covered with a protective layer to allow touching the machine during work.

The cleaning of this machine is also very easy. A handle is provided to press the plates. The pressing power of this machine is up to 4 ton.

The good thing is the pressure adjuster is fitted with the machine. This permits to pre-set the pressure of the process.

This portable machine is equipped with a digital controller. This makes the operation and control of the extraction process very easier and convenient.

The temperature can also be pre-set with this control panel. The temperature is accurately displayed by this controller.

The essential part of this small machine is the heating element. This element consists of two plates of 4.5×4.7 inch size

. These plates are manufactured from high quality 6061 aluminum material. 600 watts heaters are provided with the plates to heat them up.

The heat is evenly distributed across the plates that ensures high quality rosin product.

The best thing is this portable machine weighs only 10 kgs and can be easily packed in a traveling bag to carry it for fun rosin extraction.

What We Like

  • High quality product
  • Even heating
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to move
  • Efficient control
  • Accurate temperature reading

Things to consider

  • Needs some care while pressing

7. BRAYSALE Portable Rosin Press Machine

  • Twin heating plates of 2.3×5.1 inch size
  • Plates made of aluminum
  • Smart digital controller
  • Pressing power 1.5 ton
  • Weight is 7.5kgs
  • Pressure adjusting knob

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The BRAYSALE is one of the top rated portable rosin press machines. This machine weighs only 7.5 kgs and is damn easy to move. It can be carried in a backpack to anywhere you like.

The quality of rosin extracted from this machine is very good. The product yield is 25% with this machine.

An ergonomic handle is fitted with this portable machine. You can easily press the material with this handle. A pressure adjusting knob is also provided with the handle to further simplify the pressing process.

The maximum force to which this machine can be pressed is 1.5 ton.

This lightweight machine features a dual plate heating element. The size of each plate is 2.3×5.2 inch.

These plates are fabricated from the high heat capacity aluminum material. The plates retain the heat for a longer period.

A smart digital controller is also fitted with this machine. This controller is very intelligent and makes the process control easier and effective.

Both temperature and pressing time can be easily adjusted with this controller. It also permits the use of either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scales.

The body of the machine is made of heavy duty steel material and is fully resistant to the rusting.

What We Like

  • Lightweight & portable
  • Easy operation
  • Simple manual pressing
  • Pressure adjuster
  • Temperature control
  • Time setting
  • High quality rosin extraction

Things to consider

  • Instruction are bit messy

The Buying Guide

The Portable rosin press machines are getting extremely popular after the legalization of cannabis and marijuana for medical and recreational use.

The market is being flooded with different types of small machines. The selection of these machines can be a bit confusing, but by considering the following key factors it becomes really easy.


The main benefit of the portable machine is the easy mobility. The weight of these machines is relatively low and can be easily carried along on a travel or recreational trip.

Furthermore these machines are fitted with a handle mechanism for lifting. You can enjoy the natural taste of cannabis by extracting fresh rosin with your friends and buddies.

The portable machines are typically used for domestic or personal use. The small manual rosin press machines are not recommended for workshop use.

These machines can be placed on the table top or on any hard surface for stability during the pressing process. The portability of the machine must also be considered when you purchase the portable rosin press machine for your needs.

Plate Size

The dual heating plates are the essential part of portable rosin press machines. The machines have plates of different size. The size of the heating plates also tells us about the size of the machine.

The machines with the smaller plate size are useful for the domestic or personal while the commercial grade press machines have larger plates.

The most common size of heating plates of the manual press machine is 3″x5″. The press machine having plates of this size can squeeze huge quantities of flowers and herbs to extract rosin concentrate.

Smaller plates machine having size 2×3 inch is good for daily use in the homes. Square shaped plates press machines having size 3×3 inch are also available.

Before purchasing suitable portable machine you must know your requirement.

Plate Material

The plate material is also of high importance. You must consider the material of construction of the heating plates to get best results. The heating capacity of the plates primarily depends on the material of construction.

It also tells about the heat distribution throughout the plate length. Generally the plates are made of aluminum or stainless steel material. These are further insulated to avoid any loss of heat during the extraction process.

The aluminum plates provide quick heating. The heat is even distributed throughout the aluminum plate.

The stainless steel made heating plates also allow the heat to be equally spread across the length of the plate. The material of the heating plate of the press machine should also be carefully selected to cater your needs.

Pressure Tolerance

The portable press machines are also for pressing the material to extract rosin. The manual machine can apply the pressure by pressing the handle or through the hydraulic means.

These types of machines produce smaller pressures and are good for home use only. The handheld press machines also come in the hybrid form.

A hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic piston is fitted with the machine to exert pressure. It can be applied by a hydraulic pump or a pneumatic force.

Some portable machines even have a handle wheel to manually press the material between the plates. The pressure or power capacity of a machine is another important factor to consider.


The capacity of the portable press machine is the amount of rosin extracted from the flowers while pressing. The capacity of the portable rosin press machine is on the lower side.

The capacity of the machine also varies with the size of the plate. Larger plate heat machines deliver a higher quantity of rosin while the smaller plate press will provide a low amount of the rosin concentrate.

The pressure applied on the plates also plays an important role to get concentration from the flowers. Generally speaking a good quality press machine delivers a yield of up to 25 %. If a quantity of 10 grams of flowers are pressed then the result will be 2.5 grams rosin. Some innovative machines may even offer a high yield.

Temperature Controller

The rosin is extracted from the flowers by pressing them under hot plates. Temperature is therefore an important key factor of the press machine.

The smart machines are equipped with the digital temperature controller. The temperature reading is displayed on the digital screen which ensures close monitoring of the extraction process.

The controller will allow you to adjust the temperature of each separately as per requirement. The maximum temperature limit also varies with the different plates.

Some plates have a very high temperature range of 400 oF while some other machines have lower temperature range of up to 250 oF. It is recommended to keep the pressing temperature below the 300 oF to produce high quality rosin concentrate.

Time Setting

Pressing time of the flowers also plays an important role for extracting rosin concentrate from the herbs and flowers. State of the art press machines are equipped with the dual controller system.

This allows you to adjust the time as well. The general time setting range is between 0-999 seconds. The pressing time should be adjusted between 40-90 seconds.

Pressing the loaded material for a longer time can burn the product and ruin the taste thereof. Automatic timer shut off is also provided for some press machines.

This type of timer will automatically turn off when the plates are opened. The timer will again start counting from the zero. This feature permits us to monitor the pressing process more closely and effectively.

The concentrate quality can also be enhanced by controlling the extracting time.

Ease of Operation

The ease of operation of the press machine is also considered while purchasing. The portable machines are one of the easiest ones to operate.

These machines are usually smaller in size and can be moved easily anywhere you want. Almost every machine is provided with a handle wheel to press the plates.

Digital controller also makes the presetting of the temperature and pressure easier. Detailed instruction manual is provided to every machine to operate it correctly.

The installation of the press machine is not a very difficult job. Magnetic or suction cup feet are provided with the machine for balance and stability.

The Final Word

The portable press machine is extremely useful for extracting rosin from the freshly collected flowers. The taste and the quality of rosin thus produced are unmatched. This kind of machine is usually carried on used for a trip or adventure tour where the friends can enjoy the chemical natural cannabis.

Seven top rated portable machines have been reviewed above. These machines have varying plate size and thus the capacity. All of these machines are equipped with the digital controller and high quality aluminum heating plates. This review will provide the customers with multiple products to choose from.

A comprehensive buying guide is also added at the end of the article. This will also enable the potential customer to grasp the key factors and functionality of the rosin press machine.

We hope that you will find our effort highly useful for the selection of portable press machines. We are also confident you will buy a suitable machine after reading our review.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Plenty of questions are being asked about the rosin press machines nowadays. We have summarized some of the most relevant frequently asked questions. These are listed below.

Which press machine is called portable?

A portable press machine is the one that has a handle to carry. These machines are generally lightweight and are easy to move. The size of these machines is also very small and can be packed in a backpack.

How is the pressure controlled?

Controlling the pressure of pressing for a portable machine is a tricky one. These machines are not provided with the pressure gauges or any other pressure measuring instrument. It is up to the operator to sense the pressure. Pressure checking is learnt through the experience and repetitive extraction.

How is the temperature of the plates checked?

The press machine is equipped with a dual plate heating element. These plates are fitted with external or internal temperature sensors to monitor the temperature of the plates.

Which is the most reliable plate material?

Aluminum is the most trustworthy material of construction for the heating plates of the portable press machines. Some machines even use the aircraft grade 6061 aluminum which has the highest heat retention. Stainless steel made plates are fitted in some of the rosin press machines.

What is the product yield of the portable press machines?

The yield of the rosin product depends on the material being pressed. The semi dry material has better yield while the freshly collected flowers have low yield. Generally speaking the yield of portable machines is around 25%.

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