Best Rosin Press Under 400

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Squeezing out rosin from the flower at home has become a fashion. Homemade solutions like hair straighteners can be used to do the task.

The low cost heat press machines are the best solution to get solvent less high quality rosin. These machines deliver consistent results. The rosin produced from these machines is full of terpenes.

The dab smokers enjoy the real taste of marijuana and cannabis with the rosin.

The rosin press machines under $400 are generally manually operated. These machines are provided with a handle or crank to press the flower material between the plates.

Pressure is checked by the feel. Heaters are normally fitted with the plates to quickly heat them up. Digital controller is attached with the plates to adjust the temperature of the plates.

Very small amount of rosin can be extracted by the low cost machines at home. These machines are basically intended for the rosin lovers who can casually squish rosin for their personal use.

In the post below we will discuss some of the top quality press machines under $400. This discussion will be useful for you to choose a best suited machine for your needs.

Best Rosin Press under 400

Here are the quick links to our chosen list of rosin press machines under the subject category.

1. Dulytek DPH5 5 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press

Editor’s Pick
  • Includes bottle type hydraulic jack
  • Dual heating plates of 3×4 inch
  • Plates made of aluminum
  • Pressing power 5 ton
  • Double channel controller
  • Amount per load is 15 grams
  • Energy consumption is 360 watts

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Dulytek is one of the reliable names in the rosin press machine industry. The DPH5 heat press is a hydraulic machine that is equipped with a bottle type jack.

The jack is leak free and can also be replaced when needed. The operation of this small machine is very simple and convenient.

Fix the operating parameters like temperature and time and then press the load with a handle. The pressing capacity of this machine is 5 ton which is more than enough to produce high quality rosin.

This machine is not only operation friendly but cost effective as well. It can be purchased well below $400.

To make the control of this machine further easier a double channel digital controller is provided with the machine.

This controller is sophisticated enough to allow the changes in temperature and time for each plate separately. The reading is displayed in both Fahrenheit & Celsius scale. You can closely monitor the process with this controller.

The most important part of this rosin press is the dual heating plate. These plates measure 3×4 inch and are manufactured from the aluminum material.

The heat retention of this material is very good. These plates can be quickly heated up with a power of 360 watts only.

Fully heated plates deliver high quality and consistent rosin concentrate. This machine is also listed with CE for safe operations.

The loading capacity of this rosin press is 15 grams and the yield is also very good. The good thing is this machine is provided with a starter kit to extract rosin from freshly collected flower material.

To keep the machine balance and stable suction cup design feet are fitted at the bottom of the machine. The body of the machine is also manufactured from the rust proof steel material.

What We Like

  • Easy to press and operate
  • High yield
  • Consistent rosin quality
  • Quick heating
  • Close control
  • Stable and safe
  • Leak free

Things to consider

  • Correctly adjust the temperature of plates

2. Kikvape 5 Ton Rosin Heat Press Machine

Top Rated
  • Fitted with bottle type hydraulic jack
  • Pressure capacity is 5 ton
  • Twin heating plates of 3×5 inch size
  • Dual temperature controller
  • 250 watt heater
  • Includes 2 leverage bars
  • Stainless steel body

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The Kikvape rosin heat press is manufactured from highly reliable stainless material. This material can resist corrosion and rusting efficiently.

This press machine comes with a bottle type hydraulic jack. This jack is leak free and is easily replaceable. The pressing power of this hydraulic machine is 5 ton.

A long handle is attached with the jack to easily press the flowers. The rosin concentrate produced from this machine is of high quality and taste. The price of this small machine is well below $400.

Dual heating plate is a necessary part of this small machine. The size of each heating plate is 3×5 inch and is made from high heat capacity aluminum material.

Each plate is fitted with a 250 watts replaceable heater to quickly warm the plate. The good thing is the heat is uniformly distributed throughout the plate surface area.

Double channel temperature controller is provided with each plate to easily control the temperature. The controller is augmented with the temperature which delivers the quick and accurate temperature reading.

The unique feature of this heat press is the double leverage bar. These bars can either be installed at the bottom to enhance the pressing capacity or these can be fixed at the top to provide support during tilting of the machine.

This heat press is meant for pressing flowers and soft material. It cannot be used for pressing heavy materials or metals.

What We Like

  • Quick and uniform heating
  • Replaceable heaters
  • Easy to press
  • Efficient control
  • Tilting support
  • Corrosion resistant body

Things to consider

  • Only press soft materials
  • Good for beginners

3. KD-tec rosin Heat Press Machine

Best Budget
  • Twin heating plates of 2×3 inch
  • Plates made of die cast aluminum
  • Pressing power of 1000 lbs
  • Adjustable pressure nut
  • Power consumption 400 watts
  • LCD temperature controller

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The KD-tec is another low cost rosin press machine. The weight of this press machine is only 5.5 kgs and can be easily moved. The easy mobility of this machine makes it fit for use on the table top or on any of the hard surfaces.

It is fitted with an ergonomic handle to press the material quickly. The pressing power of this small machine is only 1000 lbs. This heat press machine is useful for extraction of small rosin quantities only.

The surface area of this heat press machine is 2×3 square inches. This area is enough for pressing around 5-10 grams of flower material.

The material of construction of heating plates is die-cast aluminum which is one of the best materials for this purpose. The plates are heated quickly with a heater of 400 watts.

LCD touch screen controller is provided by the machine to closely monitor the extraction process. The temperature can be adjusted with the touch of the thumb.

The pressing time of the process can also be changed quickly. The accuracy of this controller is very good.

The operation of this machine is very easy and simple. Put the material between the plates and set the temperature of the heating plates. Then press the material.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Simple operation
  • High heat capacity
  • Easy process control
  • Well-built

Things to consider

  • Twist up the plate when the process the complete

4. Dulytek DM1005 Manual Rosin Heat Press

  • Adjustable pressure knob
  • Dual heating plate of 3×5 inch
  • Plates manufactured from aluminum
  • Pressing power is 1550 lbs
  • Double channel temperature controller
  • Time button
  • Innovative locking lever system

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The DM1005 model by Dulytek is a manual heat press machine. This is a small machine and suitable for extracting rosin at home. It features a modern lever system.

This system can be locked for impressive pressing. The pressing power of this small machine is 1550 lbs. Pressure adjustable knob is also provided with the lever mechanism to apply maximum pressure with care.

The weight of this machine is very low which makes it easy to move. The cost of this machine is also below $400.

The surface area of this lightweight press machine is 3×5 square inch which is enough to press around 14 grams of freshly collected flower material.

The plates are made of aluminum material and retain the heat for a longer time. Heaters are fitted with the plates to quickly heat up.

The uniform heating offers high quality rosin extraction. 600 watts heating power is required for completely heating up these plates.

The best thing about this machine is that a double channel controller is provided with the machine. This controller allows monitoring of the rosin extraction process closely.

The temperature can be adjusted and pre-set before the start of the process. Another good thing is a timer button is provided with the machine for setting the pressing time.

The controller permits to show the temperature on Fahrenheit or Celsius scale.

Collection tools and micron paper are also provided with a machine for starting the extraction.

What We Like

  • Innovative pressing system
  • Pressure adjusting
  • Temperature control
  • Time setting
  • Easy manual operation
  • Temperature options

Things to consider

  • Slowly press to get maximum yield

5. YaeTek Manual Rosin Heat Press Machine

  • Twin heating plates of 2.4″x4.7″
  • Hand wheel for setting
  • Double channel temperature controller
  • Timer button
  • Temperature between 32-491 oF
  • Time range 0-999 seconds
  • Power 1000 watts

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The YaeTek rosin press is a manual machine and is provided with a hand wheel to press the material. The pressure of the machine is checked by feeling.

The wheel is rotated gradually to increase the pressure. The rosin extraction with this manual heat machine is very easy.

It requires some prior experience to undertake the process correctly. The cost of this heat press machine is well below $400.

Two heating elements of 2.4″ x 4.7″ inch are equipped with this machine. The flower material is pressed between these plates.

The plates are manufactured from high heat capacity aluminum material. 1000 watts heaters are fitted with the machine to quickly heat up the plates.

The plates can be heated up to 490 oF but it is better to heat the plates below 300 oF. High quality rosin is delivered by this press machine.

Double channel temperature controller is provided with the machine. This controller can be used to set the temperature of each plate separately.

The temperature accuracy is exceptional with this controller. Time button allows manipulating the pressing time to get the better quality rosin concentrate.

Plastic feet are fitted at the bottom of the machine to provide balance and stability during the extraction process. This machine is compatible with the 120 microgram bag and straight parchment paper.

What We Like

  • Easy and simple operation
  • Quick and uniform heating
  • Close monitoring of temperature
  • Presetting of pressing time
  • Safe and easy pressing
  • Stable

Things to consider

  • Pressure is checked by feeling only

6. Olenyer Manual Rosin Heat Press

  • Includes a 360 degree hand wheel
  • Surface area of the plates is 2.4×4.7 square inch
  • Plates made of aluminum
  • Double channel temperature controller
  • Time control
  • 900 watts power consumption

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The Olenyer press machine is also a manual machine. It is provided with a 360 degree hand wheel. This wheel can be easily rotated to press the material.

The operation of this heat press machine is very easy and simple. The machine does not include any pressure gauge, so the pressure is measured by feeling only.

The wheel is gradually rotated and pressure is checked. The pressure should be kept low to avoid damage or breaking of the machine.

The best feature of this machine is the dual plate heating element. The surface area of the plates is 2.4×4.7 square inch.

These plates are manufactured from the aluminum material. These plates quickly heat up with a heater of 900 watts. The good thing is the heat is also equally distributed across the length of the plates.

Double channel temperature controller is another very good feature of this manual heat press machine. This allows you to change the temperature of the plates separately.

The temperature should be kept between 250-300oF to produce high quality rosin concentrate. The accuracy of the controller is very good.

Time control is also part of this small machine which permits setting the pressing time of the extraction process. Buzzer is also provided with the time control to alert when the process time is over.

The base of this heating machine is well made and remains stable during the pressing.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Sufficient surface area
  • Quick heating
  • Efficient temperature control
  • Time buzzer

Things to consider

  • Lacks pressure gauge

7. UNQWIN ½ Ton Manual Rosin Press

  • Surface area of the plates 2.3×4.7 square inch
  • Maximum pressing limit is 1000 lbs or ½ ton
  • LCD touch screen control panel
  • Plates made of insulated aluminum
  • Energy required is 300 watts
  • Timer button

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The UNQWIN heat press is also a manual machine. Its weight is only 6 kgs and can be mobilized quickly and easily. The pressure is applied manually.

The pressing limit of this small machine is only 1000 lbs or ½ ton.  This machine is a very good choice for the beginners to extract rosin at home.

The rosin press with this machine is very small. The cost of this lightweight machine is under $400.

The surface area of the plates installed in this machine is 2.3×4.7 square inch. These plates are manufactured from the insulated aluminum material.

The heat loss from these plates is negligible. These plates can be quickly heated with a built-in 300 watts heater. The plates are fully aligned and come ready for the extraction process.

The LCD touch screen controller is one of the best features. The temperature can be adjusted by simply touching the screen. The temperature can also be set separately with each plate.

The temperature range of these plates is very high, but it is better to keep the temperature below 200 oF. The temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. This controller also features a time button to adjust the time.

A plastic covered handle is fitted with the machine to press the flower material between the plates. An adjustable nut is also provided to regulate the pressure.

Suction cup design feet are fitted at the bottom of the machine to provide stability and balance.

What We Like

  • Quick and uniform heating
  • Negligible heat loss
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Temperature control
  • Time setting
  • Well-made

Things to consider

  • Gradually increase the pressure
  • Temperature reading may slightly differ

The Buying Guide

The growing demand for rosin for different uses has increased the manufacturing of rosin press machines. The low cost heat press machines under $400 are ideal for extracting rosin concentrate at home.

These types of machines are available in vast numbers. The right heat press can be selected by considering the following key factors.


The cost is the most important factor to consider when you are going to purchase a rosin press under $400. The larger machines are used for commercial purposes and cost too much.

The low-cost machines are smaller in size and are useful for personal use or domestic purposes. These machines are lightweight and are easy to move.

These can be placed at the desktop to extract rosin from the flowers. The cost of the machine must be checked before pressing the machine under this category. Generally speaking a press machine with a plate 3×5 inch or lower conveniently falls in this price group.


Portability is also a prominent feature of low cost heat press machines. These machines are generally lightweight and easy to move. The weight of heat press machines under $400 range between 5-10 kgs which is not very heavy.

These machines can be easily put on the table top to produce rosin from the flower material. The low cost portable machines are typically used for domestic or personal use. The small manual rosin press machines are not recommended for workshop use.

A handle is also provided with these kinds of machines to carry the machine wherever you want. You can conveniently take along these machines on a visit or tour to enjoy the fresh rosin extracted with your friends.

Plate Size

The heating element of the heat press machines is the dual heating plates. The heating plates are the necessity part of the press machine between which the rosin is pressed.

The size of the heating plates also tells us about the size of the machine. The low cost machines usually have plates of low size. These kinds of machines are useful for the domestic or personal while the commercial grade press machines have larger plates.

The most common size of heating plates of the manual portable press machine is 3″x5″. The surface area of the plates also indicates the capacity of the heat press machine.

The press machine having plates of this size can squeeze out low quantities of flowers and herbs to extract rosin concentrate.

Some of the smaller machines have a bit larger plates as well but the loading capacity of these plates on the lower side. Always check the plate size before finalizing a one for your needs.

Plate Material

The plate material is also of high importance. You must consider the material of construction of the heating plates to get best results. The heating capacity of the plates primarily depends on the material of construction.

It also tells about the heat distribution throughout the plate length. Generally the plates are made of aluminum or stainless steel material.

These are further insulated to avoid any loss of heat during the extraction process. The aluminum plates provide quick heating. The heat is even distributed throughout the aluminum plate.

The stainless steel made heating plates also allow the heat to be equally spread across the length of the plate. The material of the heating plate of the press machine should also be carefully selected to fulfill your needs.

Pressure Tolerance

The heat press machines under $400 are relatively smaller machines. These machines also require pressure for pressing. The pressing force of this category of machines falls between 4-5 tons.

Most of the machines in this price bracket are manually operated and pressure is applied by pressing a built-in handle. Hydraulic machines are also available in this group.

An adjustable knob is also provided with the portable press machines to change the pressure. The smaller machines can tolerate low pressures and are good for home use only.

The pressure should be increased gradually to avoid breaking of the press machine. The handle should not be pressed violently. The lightweight machines have low pressure capacity.

The maximum pressure or operating power capacity of a machine is not higher than 4-5 ton or 8000-10000 lbs for this category of heat press machine.


The amount per load is called the loading capacity of the heat press machine. The capacity of the press machine is the amount of rosin extracted from the flowers while pressing.

The loading capacity of the low cost rosin press machine is on the lower side. It also varies with plate size. The smaller plates have small loading capacities and thus the low rosin production.

The larger heating plates have much higher loading capacity and likewise the greater rosin concentrate capacity. The pressure applied on the plates also plays an important role to get concentration from the flowers.

The low cost rosin press machines usually have a capacity of 10-15 grams to squish rosin from the flowers. Generally speaking a good quality press machine delivers a yield of up to 25 %.

Temperature Controller

The rosin is extracted from the flowers by pressing them under hot plates. Temperature is therefore an important key factor of the press machine.

The modern small machines are equipped with the digital temperature controller. The temperature reading is displayed on the digital screen which ensures close monitoring of the temperature.

Temperature setting controller will allow you to adjust the temperature of each separately as per requirement. The maximum temperature limit also varies with the different plates.

Some plates have a very high temperature range of 400 oF while some other machines have lower temperature range of up to 250 oF. The extraction temperature of the machine is kept low to get the high quality rosin concentrate.

Time Setting

Pressing time of the flowers is also of prime consideration while extracting rosin concentrate from the herbs and flowers. The lightweight heat press machines are usually equipped with the double channel controller system.

This allows you to adjust the time as well. The general time setting range is between 0-999 seconds. The pressing time varies between 50 to 100 seconds.

The pressing time of the rosin extraction is not set very high as this will burn the product and taste of rosin will be hampered. Automatic timer shut off is also provided for some press machines.

This type of timer will automatically turn off when the plates are opened. The timer will again start counting from the zero. This feature permits us to monitor the pressing process more closely and effectively.

The concentrate quality can also be enhanced by controlling the extracting time.

Ease of Operation

The heat press machines costing under $400 are mostly manual in nature. The built-in handle is pressed to get the flower material pressed.

Hydraulic jack machines are also provided with a handle to exert pressure. Some machines are fitted with the touch screen LCD controller which allows operating the machine by just touching the machine.

Detailed operational instructions are provided with the machine to easily run it.

The double channel controller permits to closely monitor the process with all the parameters showing on a digital screen.

Power Requirement

The power required to heat up the low cost press machines is also very low. This type of machine needs around 300-500 watts of power for quickly heating the plates.

Some machines with relatively larger plates require 900-1000 of energy for quickly warming the plates. The built-in heaters can also be replaced when required.

The Final Word

The rosin press machines under $400 are handy to produce the rosin at home. Solvent less rosin can be quickly extracted with these machines. These machines are generally lightweight and can be carried anywhere. The yield of a heat press machine of this category.

We have analyzed and reviewed 7 top rated heat press machines. This review highlights the key features of the machines making it useful for diverse customers.

A detailed and elaborated buying guide is also added at the end of the article. This guide thoroughly discusses the important factors which are necessary to consider while purchasing a suitable rosin press. This guide also enables readers to grasp the functioning of the heat press machine.

We are indeed hopeful that you will appreciate our effort and choose the best quality rosin press for your personal use after reading this review.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People are asking more and more questions about the rosin press machines, especially about the low cost machines. We have combined here some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What is the pressing range of a heat press machine under $400?

The pressing force is the most important feature to extract the rosin from the flower material. The pressing force ranges between 4-5 tons for the subject press machines. Some low power machines with heavy duty built also fall under this category.

How is the pressure checked for the subject heat press machines?

Generally the heat press machines in this category are manually operated. These are not provided with the pressure gauge. So the pressure is checked by feeling through experience. Some innovative machines display the pressure correctly. This is really useful for the pressing process.

What is the general surface area of the heating plates?

The surface area of the plates is the key factor to determine the capacity of the heat press machines. The general plate size of the machines under $400 is 3x5 inch. This surface area is enough to press 10-14 grams of freshly collected flowers.

Which is the primary use of heat press machines under $400?

These machines are lightweight and primarily used for extracting rosin at home for personal use.

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