Best Temp to Press Rosin with Hair Straightener

Rosin is pure oil concentrate that is extracted from the cannabis flowers, herbs, kief and bubble hash.

The pure is used for dabbing. Rosin is also used for wax, soap and solder flux making. It is getting extremely popular nowadays due to low side effects and tasty flavor.

The rosin enthusiasts are continuously discovering new and easy means to extract this tasty concentrate at home.

Rosin extraction with the hair straightener is an extremely easy method to get the pure rosin at home.

This extraction process is very fast and quality rosin is produced in a moment of time. Only the right material is necessary for this process.

With some safety measures the hair straightener can be used for this purpose. In the post below we will discuss the rosin extraction at home with a hair straightener.

Rosin Extraction

Rosin extraction is a mechanical process and it involves three main parameters namely Heat, pressure and time. A balanced combination of these three factors delivers the high quality rosin

. The rosin is produced by squishing the cannabis, hash or marijuana flowers. The extraction process requires a press machine which is equipped with the temperature and time controller.

The pressure is applied through a handle or crank fitted with the machine. The temperature and time is controlled through the built-in controller to get the rosin concentrate.

Different types of press machines are used for pressing the marijuana flowers to get high quality rosin products.

The most common types of the rosin press machines include; manual press machines, hydraulic press machines, electric press machines, pneumatic and hybrid press machines.

The press machines are usually expensive and difficult to handle. You need to understand the lengthy instruction manuals and demonstration videos to accurately use the press machine.

Secondly the press machines are useful for extraction of rosin in workshops on a commercial scale. These machines are not advised to be used at home.

Although some lightweight and portable press machines can be used for rosin squeezing at home, again these are too pricy for the domestic use.

The rosin lovers are therefore looking for alternate cheap methods to produce rosin at home. Hair straightener serves this purpose excellently with some precautions.

Rosin Extraction with Hair Straightener

Hair straightener is one of the most commonly used beauty products at home. It can be conveniently used for pressing the herbs and flowers to extract rosin of excellent quality.

Hair straighteners can effectively control all three basic parameters of rosin extraction i.e. heat, pressure and pressure.

Like the rosin press machine, hair straighteners also have two hot plates where the flowers are loaded in the parchment paper or micron bags to get the rosin concentrate.

Although the rosin extraction with hair straightener is damn easy, it still requires some experience to press the flowers.

The quality of rosin extraction from hair straighteners will be enhanced after using it for multiple times. You can also take help from the rosin dabbing community on the internet.

Almost every type of hair straightener can be easily used for squishing of rosin. It is better to use a hair straightener with a digital temperature display.

Simple hair straightener will not provide the efficient results of rosin grinding. Temperature is the most important parameter to control while extracting rosin with the hair straightener at home. It is discussed below.

Best Temperature to Press Rosin with Hair Straightener

The best temperature for rosin extraction with the help of hair straightener is from 160 to 180 oF. Any temperature above this number will not be good for squishing rosin from the flowers.

A hair straightener digital display will clearly display the temperature during the extraction process. This temperature will still be an estimated one and it will not be the exact number.

If the cannabis flowers are heated above this temperature it will make the product useless. The flowers and herbs will be burned and its quality will also be affected.

With the high temperature the terpenes and potency of the cannabis will be dropped and its smoke will be soothing.

The temperature of the flowers and herbs can be decreased to 160 oF to get the high yield and quality of the rosin extracted.

If the digital hair straightener does not have the ability to show lower temperature than the 180 oF, then it is better to choose a straightener which shows the said temperature range.

An infrared laser gun can also be used for measuring the accurate temperature of the straightener plates.

The selection of the right hair straightener for the rosin extraction at home is of high importance. The detailed rosin extraction process is elaborated below.

How to Press Rosin with Hair straightener

The extraction of rosin from the flowers with the help of hair straightener requires a clean and well-built table that can withstand your body pressure.

To start the extraction process choose a relatively dry cannabis material, break it into fine pieces and fill the fine material in a 90 micron filter bag.

Don’t fill the bag fully. Take parchment paper, fold it half and put the 90 micron bag filled with the fine flower material inside the parchment paper.

Now turn on the hair straightener and maintain the temperature at 180 oF. Preheating the hair straightener will ensure even distribution of across the straightener plates.

If the straightener crosses the 180 oF, turn off the straightener for a few seconds to lower the temperature. Place this parchment paper between the plates of the hair straightener.

Now press the plates and apply pressure gradually. Keep on pressing the plates for 10-15 seconds till you hear the sizzling sound of rosin.

Now stop pressing the hair straightener plates. Don’t let the straightener to cross over 180 oF as this will burn the herbs/flowers and reduce the quality and potency of the rosin produced.

Try to balance the heat and pressure to get the best quality rosin at home. After repeating this process for a couple of times you will be able to achieve heat/pressure balance.

Now turn off the hair straightener, and release the plates. Take out the parchment paper and unfold it, remove the micron bag carrying rosin.

Now collect the rosin with the help of a collector or dab tool and store it in a jar. The rosin can also be stored on the FEP sheets which provide an excellent option for storage of rosin.

The FEP sheets keep the rosin fresh. The size of the hair straightener plates is very small so the rosin yield is also very low. Therefore FEP Sheets are the best to store this small amount of rosin.


Though the rosin yield extracted with the help of hair straightener is pretty much lower, still it has many advantages to count.

The main advantage of rosin squishing is the simple and easy operation. These are available in almost every market and these can also be purchased online.

The price of the common hair straightener is really low and you can buy a suitable hair straightener for well under 100 $. Try to buy a straightener with a plastic casing body and larger heating plates.

Another prominent benefit of the hair straighter squeezing is that it requires very little space for extraction. No need for a workshop or specific place for rosin squishing.

The power consumption for the hair straightener is also very low. A home beauty straighter requires 600-1000 watts per hour.

The hair straightener comes in a ready to use condition, no need of assembling or additional accessories to set hair straightener extraction.

The hair straightener provides you a feel of the process opportunity to extract the rosin from the cannabis flowers. You have to exert your muscles power to the rosin.

This also provides a learning opportunity for you to start rosin squishing which will be useful for you in the later stage.


The easy rosin extraction has many disadvantages as well. First of all you have to apply pressure to your body and muscle force to press the rosin.

A lot of energy will be required for this purpose. It is better to wrap a towel around your hands during this process.

The size of the straightener plates is too small; therefore the rosin yield achieved by the hair straightener is also very small.

Larger quantities of cannabis flowers cannot be squished with the method. It is only a temporary solution for squeezing rosin. It is a slow pressing process and takes much for extraction.

The main disadvantage of pressing rosin with the hair straightener is the lack of control over temperature and pressure.

No controller is provided with the hair straightener to control and monitor the temperature and pressure of the rosin process. You only have to rely on your experience and feel sense to regulate these parameters.

The Final Word

The rosin extraction with a hair straightener is a simple process. Very small amount of quality rosin can be pressed with the hair straightener as the plate size is very small. The plates are pressed physically with the body to complete the process.

The best temperature for squishing rosin with hair straightener is between 160-180oF. Over this temperature the quality of the rosin will be hampered and its potency will also reduce. Digital hair straighteners are used for the rosin extraction process. The temperature can be checked with an infrared laser gun.

We also highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of pressing rosin with the hair straightener at the end of this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions about this process will also enable you to understand the dynamics of this rosin pressing process.

Can a hair straightener be used for rosin pressing?

Yes, the hair straightener can be used for rosin pressing. It is actually helpful to understand the rosin extraction process before going for the large extraction process with the press machines.

What kind of hair straightener is required for rosin pressing?

A hair straightener having a digital temperature display is preferred for rosin pressing. Secondly plastic cover and larger heating plates are sought.

How hard do you press to squeeze out rosin from the cannabis?

You can press the hair straightener plates with palms of your hands exerting your entire body over it. The pressing should not last for more than 2-3 minutes. The pressing process can also be repeated 2-3 times to get the high quality rosin.

Which size of the rosin bag is used for hair straightener?

A 90 micron rosin bag should be used for pressing the rosin with the hair straightener. The dimensions of the bag must not exceed the 1.25x4 inch.

How much rosin can be produced with the hair straightener?

The plate size of the hair straightener is very small and thus very low yield rosin is achieved with this process. 3-4 grams of fine rosin can be pressed at one time. More quantities of the rosin can be pressed multiple times but it will take a lot of time.

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