Eating Rosin Chips

The extractors are continuously experimenting on the leftover chips of the rosin to make it useful for human consumption.

Eating rosin chips are available in the market. The rosin chips can be taken directly.

Due to high THC content, the consumption of chips can damage your lungs and respiratory system.

But the researchers have now developed some recipes that can be used to make rosin chips edible.

The chips are processed in different ways to make eating rosin chips. The taste of chips is of course very delicious and unique.

Some people are making edibles from the chips while some people are preparing cannabutter from the rosin chips. It is being used for making chocolate cakes.

Tea is another meaning of using rosin chips. The rosin chips can also be sprinkled over the butter to enjoy the taste of the rosin.

In the post below we are going to talk about the most common edible stuff made from rosin chips.

We will also discuss the making processes of eatables rosin chips briefly. Now without wasting your time let us directly move on to the next segment of our article.

Rosin Potatoes

Have you ever heard of rosin potatoes?

Yes, you have understood it right. The rosin baked potatoes. The type of potatoes delivers the finest quality taste you have ever eaten.

The potatoes are baked for an extra-long period which makes the potatoes fluffy and tasty. The process of baking potatoes in the rosin is given below.

  • The material required for baking potatoes includes; rosin, a cast iron pot, potatoes, tripod, fire pit, wood, butter, onions and bacon.
  • Take around 10-12 lbs of rosin chips. These chips can be used multiple times, so don’t worry about the quantity
  • Set the fire under a cast iron pot and place it on the tripod. Secure the tripod properly to avoid tripping of rosin while cooking.
  • Insert the rosin chips into the pot and place them over the fire.
  • The rosin is a flammable material, so check the cooking rosin with the spoon from the bottom. Carefully check the rosin and make sure that it does not trip over the pot.
  • When the rosin is fully melted, put the potatoes in the pot. Now set the cooking time of your pot and regularly check it. After some time the bubble will start in the pot. At this point, the heat is forcing the water from the potatoes. Now keep on adjusting the heat level to avoid overflowing or boiling over.
  • Now, wait until the potatoes come to the surface. This will take around 1 hour. Now check the potatoes with the long handle metal spoon. Please make sure that the potatoes are not broken or cut otherwise the taste of the potato will not be developed. The potatoes will be hard in the start but will become soft and spongy while touching.
  • When the potatoes rise at the top of the water, which usually takes 1 hour, then continue cooking for another 30 minutes. After 1 and half hours take out one potato and wrap it in the newspaper piece. The potato will instantly adhere to the paper. Please don’t break the potato. Give some time for the potato to cool down, now push the corners of the potato inwards. You will get a lot of fluffy potatoes inside. The condition tells for how long you should heat the potatoes.
  •  Bake 3 potatoes in the same process as above.
  • Mashed potatoes can also be used for baking. Put the mashed potato pieces in the rosin. Heat them until the corners of the potatoes start to wrinkle. Like the potatoes, wrap the potato pieces in the newspaper and split from the inside. Now add butter and cream and whatever you like for improving the taste. Now mash or agitate the potato pieces. Now your baked rosin potato dish is ready for eating.

The taste of these potatoes is unique and you would have tasted this flavor.

Edible oil

Edible oil can also be prepared from the leftover chips. This oil is extremely potent and powerful. It has some very positive effects on the health of the human body. The brief process of making edible from the chips is as under.

  • The material required for making edible rosin chips include; coconut oil, rosin chips infuser/oven or hot plate.
  • Mix one ounce of rosin chips in 2 cups of coconut oil. The ratio of oil and chips is such that the quantity of the chips is more than the oil.
  • Break the rosin chips into smaller pieces if you are using a hot plate or oven for the infusion process. There is no need to break the chips, if you are using the infuser. The blades of the machine will agitate and mix the oil and chips very well.
  • Heat up the solution to decarb. The heating is done at 120-200 oF for 1 ½-3 hours. Note that longer the infusion process the better the quality of the edible made from this process.
  • Don’t not heat the solution beyond 245 oF degree; otherwise the potency of the edible will reduce.
  • If oven or hot plate is being used for the infusion of oil and chips, then stir the mixture after every 15 minutes to enhance the mixing. For infusers there is no need to agitate the solution.
  • Once the heating process is complete, strain the solution in a bowl with the help of cheesecloth or strainer. Now the edible is ready and you can enjoy the unique taste of the edible.


The rosin chips are being used in many eating materials. Cannabutter is also one of them. As it is clear from the name, the cannabutter is a form of butter that is prepared from the rosin chips of marijuana rosin.

Due to its unique taste and quality, people are preferring cannabutter in place of real butter. This is particularly used for making cookies, cakes, brownies, crackers and other eatables.

Cannabutter is also an ideal choice to use as spread over roast, muffin and bagels. The taste of the cannabutter will really be great if prepared rightly.

We are going to describe the brief process of making cannabutter from the rosin chips.

  • The material required for making cannabutter from the rosin includes; 3 sticks of unsalted and un-clarified butter, rosin chips, 1 teaspoon emulsifier, rosin press or double boiler, cheesecloth or strainer baking dish and tinfoil.
  •  Take 2 ounces of rosin chips and crumble them in a safe oven bowl.
  •  It is better to cover the bowl with the tinfoil to reduce the smell.
  • Heat up the oven bowl at 250 oF for about 25 minutes.
  •  Now cut the butter sticks into 1 inch square pieces. Put the butter in a pan and heat it on light to medium temperature, when the butter is completely melted, strain the milky foam from the top of the layer.
  •  Now mix the hot rosin chips, hot butter and emulsifier in a food processing machine.
  • Let the solution mix for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Now pour all the mixture in an oven bowl and cover it with a tinfoil. Now again place the oven bowl at a 250 degree oF. Let the mixture heat up for at least 2 hours till all the material diffuses well with each other. Now wait for the infusion process to complete.
  • Now remove the oven bowl from heating and strain it in a jar. The extra weed material comes at the top surface that can be removed with the help of a spoon or any other collecting tool.
  • Store the cannabutter in an airtight environment. Now keep the jar in the fridge. The flavor of this butter is very delicious and unique. Moreover it is used in the same manner as the original butter is used.

Rosin Chocolate cake

Rosin chips can also be used for enhancing the flavor of the chocolate cakes. The rosin chips are broken into small pieces and then melted to decarb the chips.

Decarbing of rosin chips is necessary to reduce the side effects of cannabis and marijuana. The melted chips are dried and then again broken into pieces to use in the chocolate cakes.

The chips are sprinkled over the surface of the cake. You will experience the delicious and finest quality chocolate cake. It can be easily prepared at home.

Rosin Tea

Rosin chips can also be used in tea. This is one of the easiest methods to consume rosin chips. Before using the rosin chips in your tea, grind the chips and then mix it with your favorite tea.

Now enjoy the best quality tea prepared from the mixture of rosin chips and tea. The light quantity of cannabinoids present in the chips will activate your metabolism and will relax your body by reducing fatigue.

Sprinkling of Rosin Chips on Butter or Flowers

The rosin chips can also be used in butter and flowers. Simply shower the chips pieces over the surface of the butter or flower and enjoy. Heating up rosin chips may have some harmful effects but the dried rosin chips are not dangerous to swallow.

The Final Word

The rosin chips are the discarded remaining material of the pressing process. These rosin chips have an amount of cannabinoids and terpenes that can be used for eating purposes by processing the chips.

The chips can be used for dabbing or eating. You will have to follow the process correctly to consume the rosin chips.

It is pertinent to mention here that these rosin chips can be used for making edible oil and cannabutter. This oil and butter can be used in the same fashion as the traditional oil and butter.

The good thing is the taste and flavor of butter and oil is very delicious and unique. Moreover, it activates your metabolism and soothes the body muscles.

The rosin chips can also be used in tea for drinking. The small pieces of chips can also be sprinkled over the butter and flower to enjoy the cannabinoids flavor.

More and more recipes are being introduced to use rosin chips for eating purposes. The process of making eatables from the rosin chips should be followed strictly otherwise the taste of rosin will not be good and delicious.

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