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The extracting of rosin from the fresh or dried flower material is carried out at a specific heat and pressure. During this process the surface of the plates often gets dirty due to sticky residue or oil.

The dirty layer reduces the ability of the plates to get heat up quickly. Due to deposition of unwanted material on the plate surface the heat distribution is also not uniform.

Furthermore, it can hamper the ability of the hot to produce high quality rosin concentrate. The cleaning of the plate surface is therefore necessary to keep the plate productivity intact.

EZ off is one of the most reliable and easily available cleaners used for the removal of stains and unwanted material from the hot surface.

The application of this cleaner is also very simple and convenient. The cleaning results are also unmatched. One of the advantages of the cleaner is its availability across the states. The price is also very reasonable.

In the below we will discuss the specification and application of EZ Off especially from the point of view of the heat press machine. Let us start our analysis without any further delay.

What is EZ off Cleaner?

The EZ is composed of Glycerin, Polyethylene Glycol and paraffin wax. It is basically a non-flammable material. It comes in a paste packed in a tube of 5.1 Ounce/149 grams. The quality of this cleaner meets the industrial standards and can be used at home for cleaning of hot iron and oven. It cleans the metal surface whilst it is hot.

The salient features of the EZ off cleaner are as under

  •  Form: Paste
  •  Color: Light amber
  •  Odor: Pleasant
  • Boiling Point: 370 oF
  • Solubility in water: 80%
  •  Specific gravity: 1.12 g/ml
  •  PH: 8.8

The good thing is this material is safe for the metal, fabric and human skin. No harm is reported to human skin or eyes during the application. The MSDS of the material be consulted for the handling and storage of this pasty cleaner.

What Kinds of Stains EZ off Cleaner Removes?

The EZ off is a versatile cleaner. It can be used effectively on iron, stainless steel, aluminum and alloy metals. It does not scratch the metal surface and keeps it in its original form. The following types of stains can be removed by the EZ off cleaner.

Vegetable Stain

The rosin is extracted from the fresh or dried flower material. So it is very much likely that the surface of the hot plate may get flower stains. These stains look ugly and also reduce the efficacy of the hot plates. So the removal of these stains is very necessary. Our selected EZ off can effectively clean the vegetable and flower stains from the hot surface.

Oil Stains

The oil is deposited on the surface of the heating plates during the extraction process. The oil also degrades the plate effectiveness. The uniform heat distribution is not achieved with oil stains. The quality of the rosin concentrate is also affected. So to continue the extraction process with the same machine, it is better to remove the oil stains. Again the EZ off is a very good choice to do the task.


Rosin residue also makes the surface of the plate dirty. The deposition of residue is not a good sign to further produce high quality rosin from the same hot plates. So it is recommended to remove these stains with the help of EZ off cleaner.

Black Spot

The heating plates are warmed to squeeze out rosin from the cannabis. Sometimes the plates get overheated due to malfunctioning of the safety protection. This results in blowouts and burning of the flower material. The surface of the plates even becomes black. The EZ off has the ability to remove the black spots from the hot plates.

Advantages of using EZ off Cleaner

The use of EZ off cleaner for cleaning hot plates of the heat press machine has multiple advantages. The most common ones are listed below.

  •  Cleans the surface new
  • Does not scratch the surface of the hot plates
  • Prolongs the life span of plates
  • Maintains the heat retention period of the plates
  • Ensures high quality rosin pressing
  • Works well on all kinds of surfaces
  • Not harmful for the eyes, skin or hands
  • Non-flammable
  • Removes all kinds of stains

How to apply EZ off on Hot Plates for Cleaning

To clean the dirty surface of hot plates of a heat press machine with the EZ off is very simple and convenient. You need the following materials to start the cleaning process with EZ off.

  •  Cotton rags
  • EZ off cleaner
  • Protective paper
  • Heat protective safety gloves
  •  Tweezers

The detailed cleaning is elaborated below.

  •  First of all turn on the machine and heat it up till 200 oF
  • Unplug the press machine before starting the cleaning process
  • Pour a small amount of cleaner past on the cotton rag
  • Apply the cotton over the affected area of hot plate in circular motion
  • Gently rub the cotton rag over the surface and scrub it excessively
  • Throw away the cotton rag when it gets sticky. Don’t use the sticky rag over the surface
  •  Again pour some paste on a new cotton rag and repeat the above cleaning process
  • Apply the EZ off cleaner on the dirty hot surface until all the deposited material or residue is removed.
  • Now take a soft cloth and remove all the unwanted material from the plate surface
  • Now the cleaned surface of hot plate is ready for the extracting process
  • It is better to carry out the cleaning process in a ventilated space

The Final Word

The rosin residue or burning leaves a dirty stain on the hot surface of the heating plates. The stains are necessary to remove from the surface to use it again for pressing. The EZ off is reliable and cleans any kind of stains from the hot plates without damaging the surface.

This cleaner makes the metal surface like new and prolongs the lifespan of the heating plates as well.

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