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Hash rosin is the purest form of rosin. It is extracted from the leftovers of bubble hash production. So it is basically the extraction of extraction.

The double refining makes the product of the highest quality. The hash rosin is free of any type of vegetable matter. The good thing is it melts completely when smoked through dab.

Hash rosin is the first choice of dab lovers. This solvent less concentrate is full of terpenes and offers unmatched soothing to the smoker.

The double refining makes the product of highest quality. The hash rosin is free of any type of vegetable matter. The good thing is it melts completely when smoked through dab.

As mentioned above the hash rosin is double refined, and the pressure required for its extraction is relatively lower than the flower rosin extraction.

A pressure of 300-600 Lbs is enough to squish hash rosin. Low pressure rosin press machines are sufficient for production of hash rosin.

The right combination of temperature and pressure is required to carry out the squeezing job.

In the post below we will discuss the most suitable press machines for hash rosin.

This analysis will really be useful for you to understand the functioning and key parameters of the press machine. You will also be able to select the right press machine for the extraction of hash rosin after reading our review.

7 Best Hash Rosin Press Reviews

Here are the quick links to our selected list of press machines for hash rosin.

1. High Tech 4 Ton Hydraulic Brick Press

Editor’s Pick
  • Hydraulic cylinder of 4 ton capacity
  • The box dimensions are 3x5x2 inch
  • Bricks made of aircraft aluminum
  • 70 heater built-in heater for each brick
  • Free of any toxic material

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The High Tech brick press is a great hydraulic machine used for pressing the hash and cannabis. This brick type press machine is equipped with the bricks of dimensions 3x5x2 inch.

The bricks are installed in a box where these plates are safe to use for the extraction of rosin from the hash. This brick press delivers one of the best quality hash rosin.

The bricks of this press machine are manufactured from the aircraft aluminum. The heat retention of this material is perfect. Heat stays for a longer period of time in this material.

This ensures rosin extraction of top quality. Each brick is heated with a 70 watts built-in heater.

The small brick press is fitted with a bottle type hydraulic jack. A handle is included with the jack to press the brick easily.

The machine can be pressed up to a pressure of 4 tons without incurring any damage. This press machine is one of the easiest to operate.

High yield is one of the best features of this brick press machine. It has the capacity to provide yield of hash rosin up to 50%. The yield of the hash rosin is normally more than the flower rosin.

A stand is fitted at the bottom of the machine to keep it balanced and stable during the pressing of the hydraulic jack. The weight of the machine is on the lower side and can easily be mobilized anywhere.

What We Like

  • Easy operation
  • High heat retention
  • Top quality product
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe and secure
  • Maximum yield

Things to consider

  • Lacks digital controller

2. CNCEST 5 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine

Top Rated
  • Hydraulic pressure 5 ton
  • Twin heating plates of 2.4×4.7 inch
  • Plates made of cast aluminum
  • Plate surface coated to avoid sticking
  • LCD temperature controller
  • Automatic alarm sound
  • Electric heater 900 watts

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The CNCEST press is a manual operated machine which is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder of 5 ton. A handle is fixed with the jack to operate it easily.

The operation of this machine is very easy and convenient. The hydraulic pump can be refilled with the oil if necessary. It is one of the best choices to squish hash rosin.

This portable machine features dual heating plates. The size of each plate is 2.4×4.7 inch. This size is enough to press a sufficient amount of dry hash.

The plates are made of casted aluminum. Aluminum is one of the best materials for heating plates. Each heating plate is provided with a 450 watts electric heater to quickly warm the surface of the plate.

The heat spreads equally throughout the plate surface. The heat loss is approximately zero.

The good thing is the surface of the plates is coated to avoid sticking of material. This ensures easy cleaning and maintenance of the plate. The coating also helps to prevent oxidation.

The LCD controller is one of the best features of this press machine. The controller shows the temperature and time reading on the screen.

Both time and temperature can be adjusted before the start of the process.

Automatic alarm sound is the distinctive feature of this controller. The alarm automatically warms when the process is complete.

What We Like

  • Large surface area
  • Easy operation
  • Quick heating
  • Prevents sticking
  • Warning sound
  • Efficient control

Things to consider

  • The jack loses pressure over the period of time, needs replacement

3. HOTSTORE Portable Digital Press Machine for Hash

Best Budget
  • Features 2×3 inch dual heating plates
  • Plates are manufactured from solid aluminum
  • Double channel LCD digital controller
  • Delivers pressure up to 350 Kgs
  • 120 watt electric heater
  • Best suited for hash & dry flowers

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The HOTSORE portable press is a compact machine which is operated manually. An ergonomic handle is fitted with the machine to press the material.

The body of this small press machine is made of sturdy materials and offers high durability. Although this press machine is very small in size, it can still deliver a pressure of 350 kgs.

This pressure is enough to press the dry flowers and leftover hash.

Dual heating plates are one of the essential parts of this portable press machine. The dimension of each plate is 2×3 inch. These plates are manufactured from the solid aluminum.

A handle is used to press the upper plate down. Moreover 120 watt electric heater is inserted in the plates for quick heating. The hash rosin squeezed with these plates is of high quality and taste.

The good thing is the plates are equipped with the lever locking mechanism to secure the loaded material.

To make the extraction process more efficient, an LCD controller is also fitted at the back of this compact machine. The accuracy of the controller is outstanding.

Temperature and time can be set with this controller. This controller also allows you to switch between the temperature scales.

Suction cup style silicone pads are fitted at the base of the machine. These pads ensure stability and balance during the pressing process.

What We Like

  • Best quality product
  • High heat retention plates
  • Secure and safe operation
  • Convenient pressing
  • Digital control
  • Stable

Things to consider

  • Exert the body weight while pressing

4. Dulytek DPH5 Hydraulic Heat Press

  • Pressure tolerance is 5 ton
  • Twin heating plates of 3×4 inch
  • Aluminum made plates
  • Temperature limit is 150 oC
  • Two channel precise controller
  • 360 watt electric heater
  • Replaceable hydraulic jack

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The Dulytek is one of the most famous names in the rosin press industry. The DPH5 model is specifically manufactured to press the dry flowers and hash rosin.

The machine is equipped with a bottle type hydraulic jack that has the capacity to generate a pressure of 5 ton.

The jack also includes a handle to press the plates and an adjustable knob to adjust the pressure. The jack can also be replaced easily if required.

This hydraulic press machine features a double channel digital controller. The accuracy of the controller is excellent. You can easily adjust the temperature of the heating plates.

Temperature reading can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. Pressing time can also be controlled by this panel.

The most significant part of this press machine is the dual plate heating element. Each plate measures 3×4 inch and is made of high heat capacity aluminum.

The plates are fitted with a 360 watts electric heater to quickly heat up the plate.

The good thing is these plates can conveniently press the hash at relatively low temperature, thus saving a lot of energy. The temperature limit of these plates is 150 oC.

The structure of this small machine is fabricated from high strength material. Suction cup are fitted at the bottom for stability.

What We Like

  • Press hash at low temperature
  • Plates retain heat for longer time
  • Energy efficient
  • Efficient & effective control
  • Well-made
  • Stable

Things to consider

  • Replace the hydraulic jack when pressure starts dropping

5. EASEFLY 3 Ton Heat Press Machine

  • Automatic temperature thermostat
  • Maximum pressure is 3 ton
  • Dual heating plates of 3×5 inch
  • Rapid heating to 200 oC in 10 seconds
  • 400 watt electric heater
  • Weighs 11 kgs only

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The EASEFLY is another low weight heat press machine used for squishing hash rosin. It is fitted with a hydraulic jack for pressing the hash and flower material.

The jack includes a handle to easily press the plates. Adjustable knob is also provided with the handle to increase or decrease the pressure.

Although the pressure of this machine is low still it can squeeze high quality rosin from hash.

The best feature of this portable machine is the automatic temperature controller. The smart controller detects the temperature efficiently and changes it accordingly.

The temperature reading is shown on a LCD screen for effective control.

This portable press machine is equipped with dual heating plates of 3×5 inch size. The plates quickly heat up to 200 oC with the built-in heater of 400 watt.

The heat loss from the plates is negligible as these are provided with an insulator to stop the escape of heat. The uniform heat distribution delivers the consistent product.

The body of the machine is fabricated from the steel and is coated to avoid rusting. The machine is provided with plastic feet to keep it placed during the pressing process.

What We Like

  • Lightweight & portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Option to adjust pressure
  • Automatic temperature setting
  • Rapid heating
  • Consistent product

Things to consider

  • Check the jack pressure for effective squishing

6. GDAE 10 Hand Crank Heat Press

  • Pressing force is 2000 PSI
  • Dual heating plates of 2.4×4.7 inch
  • Plates are manufactured from aluminum
  • Plate surface is coated to void sticking
  • Double digital temperature controller
  • Electric heater inserted in plates for quick heating

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The GDAE 10 is a lightweight press machine that can be moved anywhere. The pressing power of this small machine is around 2000 PSI.

A hand crank is fitted at the top of the machine to press the hash material between the plates. The crank can be rotated easily to apply the pressure.

This press machine is an excellent choice for extraction of hash.

This portable machine features a dual heating plate of 2.4×4.7inch. The plates are manufactured from solid aluminum material. The surface of the plates is coated to avoid sticking.

The dusty surface of the plates makes the cleaning and maintenance easier.

The good thing is pipe heaters are inserted inside the plates to quickly warm the plates. The heat is also uniformly distributed across the length of the plate to ensure consistent and high quality hash rosin extraction.

To make the process control simple and efficient, a double temperature controller is fitted at the front side of the machine.

The controller is connected with the temperature sensors to accurately measure the temperature. Temperature can also be adjusted with this controller.

The body of the machine is fabricated from high strength steel material. This material is resistant to corrosion and dusting.

The durability of this portable press machine is very high mainly due to anti-corrosion ability.

What We Like

  • Lightweight & portable
  • Excellently press the material
  • Deliver consistent hash rosin
  • Quick heating plates
  • Non-sticking surface
  • Easy to clean

Things to consider

  • Don’t set the temperature of plates too high

7. LTQ 4 Ton Press Machine

  • Maximum pressing force of 4 ton
  • Adjustable pressure knob
  • Dual heating plates of 4.5×4.7 inch
  • Aluminum made plates
  • LCD digital controller
  • 600 watt electric heater

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The LTQ is also a reliable name for manufacturing of manual heat press machines. The press machine being discussed is a very small one and weighs only 10 kgs.

The mobility of this machine is very easy and convenient. This portable press machine can easily apply a pressure of 4 ton. A handle is fitted on the plates for quick pressing.

Adjustable pressure knob is also provided with the machine to increase or decrease the pressure.

It is worth mentioning here that this press machine is fitted with two large heating plates of size 4.5×4.7 inch. The larger surface area ensures more material is loaded for extraction.

These plates are made from high heat capacity 6061 aluminum material. This material can retain heat for a longer period of time.

The even and uniform heat distribution helps to produce consistent quality rosin. Furthermore, 600 watt electric is inserted in the plates for quick and efficient heating.

The good thing is the plate surface is coated with a protective layer to avoid sticking of material. The coating also makes the surface rusty and antioxidant.

Double channel temperature controller is also provided with the machine closely controlling the process. Temperature can be preset with this controller. The controller provides correct and accurate temperature reading.

What We Like

  • Anti-sticking surface
  • Quick heating
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Easy to apply pressure
  • Pressure can be adjusted
  • Efficient and effective control

Things to consider

  • Keep the heating temperature low

The Buying Guide

The hash rosin press machines are generally smaller in size. The hash needs low temperature and pressure to squish the rosin.

The lightweight & portable press machines are a very good choice for the hash rosin extraction process. The following key factors will make the choice easier for the hash rosin press machine.

Pressing Power

The hash is pressed at a low pressure. The pressure for the hash squeezing is between 300-700 PSI. To squish the hash rosin small manual machines are therefore the perfect option.

The pressure is applied through the built-in handle or hand crank. The handle is pushed down to press the plates while the hand crank is rotated in a clockwise direction to press the plates.

The application of pressure is very easy and convenient. The press machines having a capacity of 3 to 5 tones are used for squeezing out rosin from the hash.

Adjustable Pressure Knob

The pressure knob is attached with the handle to increase or decrease the pressure. The pressure knob is very handy to adjust the pressure while pushing the handle.

The knob is rotated clockwise to increase the pressure. When the pressing is complete, the knob is released to collect the rosin from the plates.

Always check the provision of pressure while purchasing a suitable manual press machine for hash squishing.


As mentioned above the hash rosin press machine is lightweight and therefore can be easily moved anywhere.

A handheld mechanism is also fitted to the machine to conveniently carry the machine along with you on a visit or travel trip.

This allows you to enjoy the pure hash with your friends and buddies in a far-away place.

The hash rosin press machines are smaller in size and are recommended for personal or home use only. Commercial scale production is not advised with these small portable machines.

Capacity & Yield

The hash rosin comes in dry form. So only a few grams of hash are more than enough to squish. The plate size of the hash rosin press is generally 2×3 inch.

The larger heating plates are also installed in some of the press machines having high pressure tolerance. The large capacity press machines are not recommended for hash pressing.

The hash is pressed in dry form; moisture content of the material is very low. So the yield of the hash rosin is usually more than the flowers or buds.

The general yield of the hash rosin lies between 30-70 %.

Plate Size

The dual heating plates are the essential part of hash rosin press machines. The machines have plates of different sizes. The size of the heating plates also tells us about the size of the machine.

The hash press machines are useful for personal or home needs. These machines are not recommended for commercial production.

The most common size of heating plates of the manual press machine is 2″ x 3″. The press machine having plates of this size can squeeze huge quantities of flowers and herbs to extract rosin concentrate.

Smaller plates machine having size 3×4 inch are good for daily use in the homes. Square shaped plates press machines having size 3×5 inch are also available.

Before purchasing a suitable portable machine you must know your requirements.

Plate Material

The plate material is also of high importance. You must consider the material of construction of the heating plates to get best results. The heating capacity of the plates primarily depends of the material of construction.

It also tells about the heat distribution throughout the plate length. Generally the plates are made of aluminum or stainless steel material.

These are further insulated to avoid any loss of heat during the extraction process. The aluminum plates provide quick heating. The heat is even distributed throughout the aluminum plate.

The stainless steel made heating plates also allow the heat to be equally spread across the length of the plate.

The material of the heating plate of the press machine should also be carefully selected to cater your needs.

The surface of the plates is coated to avoid sticking of rosin material. The coating also makes the surface dusty and antioxidant. The cleaning of the surface also becomes easier with the coating.

Temperature Controller

The hash rosin is extracted from the flowers by pressing them under hot plates. Temperature is therefore an important key factor of the press machine.

The smart machines are equipped with the digital temperature controller. The temperature reading is displayed on the digital screen which ensures close monitoring of the extraction process.

The controller will allow you to adjust the temperature of each separately as per requirement. The maximum temperature limit also varies with the different plates.

Some plates have a very high temperature range of 400 oF while some other machines have lower temperature range of up to 250 oF. It is recommended to keep the pressing temperature below the 300 oF to produce high quality hash rosin.

Time Setting

Pressing time also plays an important role for extracting rosin concentrate from the hash. State of the art press machines are equipped with the dual controller system.

This allows you to adjust the time as well. The general time setting range is between 0-999 seconds. The pressing time should be adjusted between 40-90 seconds.

Pressing the loaded material for a longer time can burn the product and ruin the aroma & taste thereof. Automatic timer shut off is also provided for some press machines.

This type of timer will automatically turn off when the plates are opened. The timer will again start counting from the zero.

This feature permits us to monitor the pressing process more closely and effectively. The concentrate quality can also be enhanced by controlling the extracting time.

Ease of Operation

The ease of operation of the press machine is also considered while purchasing. The portable machines are one of the easiest ones to operate.

These machines are usually smaller in size and can be moved easily anywhere you want. Almost every machine is provided with a handle wheel to press the plates.

Digital controller also makes the presetting of the temperature and pressure easier. Detailed instruction manual is provided to every machine to operate it correctly.

The installation of the press machine is not a very difficult job. Magnetic or suction cup feet are provided with the machine for balance and stability.

The Final Word

The hash rosin is a refined form of rosin with full terpenes. It is basically the first choice of the dab smoking community due to its unique taste and quality. The hash rosin is squeezed under low pressure. The temperature is also kept on the lower side to avoid burning of the product.

We have evaluated 7 top rated press machines for hash extraction. Most of these machines are manually operated. The mobility of these machines is very easy due to their lightweight. The plates are manufactured from high heat retention aluminum material. The plates are also coated to avoid sticking on the surface. This analysis will be helpful for a number of customers having varying needs.

A comprehensive buying guide is also added at the end of the article. This guide is very easy to understand the key functions of the press machine. This will further enable you to choose a better quality press machine for rosin extraction.

We are really hopeful that you will find this article informative and enlightening. We are also confident that you will definitely buy a best suited press machine hash squishing after reading our product review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Plenty of questions are being asked about the hash rosin particularly after the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. We have selected some of the most relevant & frequently asked questions below. These questions will also be helpful for finding the best press machine for hash rosin.

What is the best pressure for hash rosin?

A. The hash rosin is basically double extraction of the hash leftover. This material is usually dry and requires low pressure for pressing. Generally the hash is pressed between 300 to 700 PSI.

What is the best temperature for hash rosin?

The hash comes in a dry form so it requires low temperature for pressing. Generally the 60-70 oC is the ideal temperature for pressing hash rosin. Moreover the hash extraction temperature depends on the preference of the individual pressing the hash and also on the plates of the press machine.

What is the yield of hash rosin?

The hash rosin is the most refined form of the rosin. It is basically the extraction of extortion. So the yield of the hash rosin is on the higher side. Generally the yield of hash rosin is between 30-70%. It is pertinent to mention here that the yield of hash is more than fresh flowers and buds.

How much hash do you need to press?

Hash comes in the dry form. Only a few grams of the hash are needed to be pressed to get the high quality rosin. The yield of the hash rosin is on the higher side. So only a few grams of dry hash are enough for pressing. The rosin pressed from the hash is of purest form and is the first choice of the dab smoking people.

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