How to Build your Own Rosin Press

Rosin Dab smoking is trending all over the states. More and more people are attracted towards dab smoking mainly due to the purity of rosin extracted from the flowers.

The issue is the high capacity rosin press machines are a bit expensive while the low capacity machines have low pressing power. Building your press can solve the issue of capacity and cost.

To build your own rosin press, you don’t have to be a welder or technician to perform the job. Illustrative pictures of workshop presses can be used to make your press at home.

Building a rosin press machine is not a difficult job. First of you have to gather all the required components necessary for building a press.

Then these components are joined together by watching the tutorial videos or pictures.

The rosin press machines made at home don’t occupy too much space, you can conveniently put these machines in the garage or workshop or any empty space in your home.

Moreover the quality of the rosin extracted from these is also very good. In the post below we are going to discuss in detail the steps required for building a rosin press.

Benefits of Building Own Press

The most significant advantage of the building press at home is the liberty to select the components of your own choice. It allows you to design the press according to your own requirements. You can also design the control system to easily operate the machine.

Cost saving is another important factor that is considered while building your own press.

When you build the rosin press at home by picking the parts of your own choice, you can still save a lot of money in comparison to pre-assembling branded press machines.

The saved money can be utilized on the other requirements for the startup of the rosin press machine at home.

If you look at the quality perspective of the rosin press machine made at home, you will not be disappointed at all. The quality of rosin concentrate extracted from the flowers with the homemade press machine is also very good.

In some cases you can even produce higher quality rosin than the branded out of box press machine. To achieve better quality you have to operate the press machine correctly.

Press up gradation is another very good feature of the homemade press machine. As you have chosen all the parts of the machine yourself, so you can easily swap or upgrade any of the components to improve the quality of the press machine and the rosin thereof. The efficiency and the functionality of the machine can be improved by upgrading the machine.


To build a rosin press at home you need the following components.

  1. Frame
  2. Hydraulic hand unit
  3. Cylinder
  4. Ram
  5. Rosin heating plates
  6. Digital Controller
  7. Heating mechanism
  8. Plate insulators
  9. Pressure gauge
  10. Frame

First of all you have to choose the right frame for the press. The workshop press is generally designed in H or A type frame. The H-type frame consists of two side arms and a platform between them.

It is the most stable and balanced one. In this frame the material pressed between two plates or surfaces. This type of frame provides stability and strength to the machine.

Very little space is occupied by this type of frame. The assembly and maintenance of this frame is also very easy.

The pressing capacity of the H-type frame is also very high. Multiple power frames ranging from 6 to 24 ton are available in the market.

The A-type frame is slightly different forms the H-type frame. It forms from the top. This type of frame tends to wobble during the pressing process. It is therefore not recommended for the homemade press.

Select the right power H-type frame for building a rosin press machine at home.

Hydraulic Hand Unit

The hydraulic hand unit is basically an arm or handle to press the platform or plates. Generally a handle is fitted with the press machine for pressing the material.

The handle is pressed with body force. Wheel crank is another option to press the material. It is rotated clockwise to press the material down. To release the pressure the handle or crank is rotated anticlockwise.

A suitable hydraulic hand can be purchased from the market to add to your own press machine being made at home. The price will be far lesser than the branded one.


A bottle type hydraulic cylinder is installed on the press machine to hydraulically press the material. The cylinder can easily be mounted on the platform.

The power of the cylinder is selected according to the pressing bearing capacity of the frame. The cylinder power can be upgraded or degraded as per requirement.

The installation or replacement of the hydraulic cylinder is very easy. Leakage of oil may occur from the cylinder over a period of time. But high quality cylinders normally don’t leak the oil.


Ram is a compulsory unit that is installed on the press machine to fix the heating plates. The upper plate is mounted on the ram which is lowered to touch the bottom plate.

The ram is a very useful part to firmly fix the heating plates. The diameter of the ram differs with the capacity of the press machine. The general dimension of the ram ranges from 2.16 to 2.26 inch.

For the smaller frames the diameter of the ram is low while for the larger frames the ram diameter is higher.

Heating Plates

Dual heating plates are the essential component of the rosin press machine. The bottom heating plate is mounted on the platform while the upper plate is fixed with the ram.

The ram is lowered till it touches the bottom plate to press the material between them. The rosin is basically extracted between the heated plates under pressure. The heating plates can be purchased separately from the market.

All the famous brands are manufacturing heating plants. The price of the heating is much less than the pre assembled heat press machine.

The capacity of the press machine can be increased by installing larger plates. The heating plates are usually made of aluminum or stainless material.

The stainless steel heating is a bit expensive. The heat retention of both these materials is outstanding.

The size of the heating plates varies with the loading capacity of the press machine. Smaller plates have low capacity while the larger ones have higher loading capacity and hence the yield.

The heating plates are available in three common dimensions which are listed below.

The heating plates with the pressure bearing are given below.

  • 3×4 inch plates   3 to 15 ton
  • 3×6 inch plates   10 to 20 ton
  • 3×8 inch plates    15 to 30 ton

Plate size can be selected keeping in view the rosin production.

Digital Controller

A detachable digital controller is also installed with the plates. The digital controller is necessary for the monitoring of processes. It makes the process controller easier and efficient.

This controller is useful to adjust the temperature of the extraction process. The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen of the controller. Some of the controllers also have the option to switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scale.

Time button is also integrated with the digital controller to control and adjust the process time.

The pressing time of the extraction process can be preset before the start of the rosin extraction. An accurate and efficient digital controller should be selected for the rosin press machine made at home.

Heating Mechanism

The heating mechanism is attached to each plate independently heating up the plate. This heating source can be rod or thermocouple. The power of each heating rod is fixed depending on the surface area of the plates.

Generally the power of each heating rod is 160 watts. The larger plates are fitted with 2 or even 3 heating rods to quickly warm the plate. The uniform and equal heat distribution is necessary to produce a consistent quality rosin concentrate.

To spread the heat evenly throughout the plate length, the heating rod should be highly efficient.


The heat loss from the plate is possible during the heating process. The plates are therefore insulated to avoid the heat loss from the plates. The thickness of the insulator decides the effectiveness of the insulator.

Generally the plate is insulated between 15 to 30 mm. This layer of thickness is enough to stop the escape of heat from the plates. The insulator material also determines the efficiency of the insulator. The insulator can be fiberglass, bamboo or hardwood.

Pressure Gauge

The pressure is necessary to mount on the press machine. It is primarily installed to check the pressure being applied on the plates during the extraction process. Generally the pressure gauge is installed at the top of the machine for better viewing.

Glycerin filled pressure gauge offer a more accurate and consistent pressure reading.

The pressure is applied gradually during the pressing process. A pressure gauge therefore provides timely reading. It enables the operator to check the pressure being applied. The pressing force can be increased or decreased depending on the pressure requirement.

Assembly of Parts

First of all, check if you have collected all the parts necessary for building a rosin press machine. Now is the time to assemble or join together all the parts.

To make the assembly easier, it is better to have pictures or videos. This will be very helpful for you to undertake the assembly work correctly.

The first step is to assemble the H-type frame. All the channels, side arms, platform and tubes are joined together as per specimen available. The manufacturer also provides a manual to make the assembly job easier.

The next step is to install the hydraulic jack and pressing mechanism. The hydraulic can be either installed at the platform or is put nearby.

The pressing handle or crank is fixed with the hydraulic to make the pressing easy and convenient.

Now is the turn to install heating plates. The heating plates are installed on the platform between the channels. The bottom plate is fixed in the holder while the upper plate is mounted on the ram.

The diameter of the ram is selected as per plate size. The size of the plate has already been decided. The insulator will be placed on the table where the plate is to be installed.

Then the bottom plate is installed on the insulator. Then the upper plate is mounted on the ram of the hydraulic press. Now insert the heater on each plate.

If the plate is larger, more than one heater will be added to the plate. Now plug the plates with the control panel. A double channel controller is used and a separate panel is attached to each for better monitoring.

Now place the bottom plate on the insulator and tighten the plate with the insulator. After this attach the upper plate with an insulator and properly secure it.

Drop the upper plate up to the lower one and make alignment. The plates should be properly aligned to keep them balanced and stable during the pressing process. A LED light can be installed on the H-type frame for better viewing during the extraction process.

The Final Word

Building your own press machine is a great idea to squish rosin at home. A cost effective machine can be made at home by following the manuals and tutorials. You can design the capacity and pressure bearing capacity of the machine to match your requirements. This type of machine can also be upgraded as per need.

The assembly of the press machine provides hands-on experience for building the best rosin press. The quality of the rosin extracted from the flower material can also be enhanced by strictly following the operational regime of the machine.

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