How to Clean up Rosin press Platen?

The rosin extracting process involves pressing cannabis or marijuana flowers between the hot plates.

Both dry and fresh flowers can be used for squeezing out rosin. Different temperature and pressure conditions are required for the perfect squishing of rosin.

A balanced combination of heat and pressure produces high quality rosin. If the heat and pressure are not kept at optimum levels, the extracting may result in failure.

The failed process not only results in poor quality of rosin being extracted, it also makes the plate surface dirty.

The dirty surface of the heating plates hampers the heating capacity of the plates. The heat retention period reduces. Uneven heating is observed on the dirty surface.

This causes the inconsistent quality of rosin. To produce consistent quality rosin concentrate, a clean and well maintained hot surface is necessary.

A clean and maintained heating plate delivers uniform heating and high quality rosin product.

In the below article we are going to discuss the causes of the plate getting dirty, cleaning of plate surface and the maintenance of the plates surface thereof.

Let us start our discussion with the major causes of plate depositions.

Major Cause of Plate Surface Dirtiness

The heating plates of the rosin machine get dirty due to the following major issues.


The flower material is loaded in the micron, a suitable micron bag which is then wrapped in the parchment paper.

The parchment paper loaded with the flower material is placed between the hot plates of the rosin press machine. The plates are preheated before the start of the extraction process.

A temperature is set and then the pressure is applied on the plates to squeeze out rosin. If the quality of the micron bag or parchment paper is not up to the mark, the chances are it will blowout.

The blowout causes the hot surface to get stuck with unrefined rosin concentrate. All the pressed material will spread over the surface of the plate and make it dirty.

The cleaning of this material is necessary to start the next batch of rosin extraction. At the end of our article, we will discuss in detail how to remove this sticky material from the plate surface.

So the blowouts must be avoided to keep the surface of plates clean and tidy.


As already mentioned the plates are heated to a desired temperature to extract rosin from the flower material.

If the heating temperature is set at extra high and there is no overheating protection in the machine, it is very much likely that the flower material being pressed will burn and create a mess on the plate surface.

The burn rosin severely damages the plate surface. If it is not cleaned or removed timely, a permanent black spot will appear over the surface that will reduce the heat retention ability of the plate.

It will also hamper the quality of the next batch of rosin. How the burning will be cleaned, we will highlight this problem later in our post.


Leaking or overflowing is another major issue of plate suffering. When the rosin extraction process is complete the parchment paper is removed from the surface of the heating plates.

It is very much likely that the rosin may leak or overflow during the removal of parchment paper. It also makes the plate surface dirty and sticky.

The cleaning of overflowed/leaked rosin is very easy to clean. We will also shed some light on this issue.


Dust is also a contributing factor to plate dirtiness. If the machine is not in use and placed idle.

The machine platen may gather dust over the surface which is of course necessary to remove before the start of the extracting process. This can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

Cleaning Methods

The surface of the heating plates is extremely necessary to clean to produce high quality rosin.

A clean surface will deliver even and equal heat distribution throughout the length of the plates. This will also ensure consistent quality rosin squishing.

It should be kept in mind that no particular cleaning method can be used for each type of residue and stain. You will have to apply different methods to clean the surface effectively and completely.

In the below lines we will focus on the cleaning method of the heating plates of the rosin press machines.

Manufacturer’s Recommendation

The manufacturer of the rosin press machine also provides a manual for the operation and maintenance of the press machine. It also includes the cleaning techniques for cleaning/maintaining hot plates.

This recommendation normally discusses the general ways to clean the residue and other unwanted items deposited on the plate surface.

The actual cleaning method may be slightly different from the recommended one, but it will definitely provide the necessary instructions for starting the cleaning process.


Use of chemicals is also recommended for the cleaning of the dirty surface of rosin press plates. One or more chemicals can be used to clean the sticky plate surface.

The most commonly recommended chemicals for this purpose include bleaching powder, acetone and bubble alcohol. Whichever chemical you are trying to clean the plate surface, the cleaning process is almost identical.

Take a lint free Linen wipe; saturate it with the cleaner mixture and now apply it over the dirty portion of the plate surface. Gently remove the stains from the plate surface and don’t push too hard.

Use a particular section of wipe cloth, when this part of the cloth gets dirt, use other parts of the linen wipe to ensure effective cleaning of the plate surface.

The chemical is an effective and efficient way of cleaning the residue and other dirty spots from the hot plate surface. Be careful to protect your hands and eyes while applying chemicals for cleaning purposes.

EZ Off Cleaner for Press Plates

EZ off cleaner is one of the best cleaners available in the market for removing residue and stains of all sorts from the press heat platen. It comes in a 5.25 ounce tube packing. The use of this cleaner is very easy and convenient.

First of all, slowly heat up the dirty plates till it reaches 200 oF. Once the required heating is achieved, take out a small amount of cleaner and apply it on a piece of cotton rag.

Stop heating source; rub the cotton rag in circular motion over the dirty portion of the platen. Repeat this process until you get a neat and clean surface. Replace the cotton rag piece when it gets sticky.

Cook it off

High heating is another method to clean the surface of the heating plates of the rosin machine.

If the cleaner does not clean the surface of the heating plates completely, then extreme heating up of the plates is another technique used to remove the dirt, residue and sticky material from the surface of the plates.

The disadvantage of this method is it takes a lot of time to effectively remove the stains and residue from the plate surface.

If you are going to apply this method to clean the surface of your plates, then be sure to use a protective paper until the stain is totally removed from the surface of the plate.

Maintenance of Plates

Well maintained heating plates deliver rosin of consistent quality. Therefore the maintenance of the hot plates of the rosin press machine is of utmost importance.

We will discuss below some of the most commonly used ways to maintain the heat plates of rosin heat press machines.

  1. When you receive the plates, first of all manually wash them in warm soapy water. Drain all the water from the plates and gently clean with soft cloth.
  2. The hot plates are especially machined to be flat to offer the quality rosin concentrate, so to keep the surface intact, don’t place any hard object between the plates.
  3. The plates may get dirty due to heat and pressure applied over its surface, so it is therefore advised to clean the plates periodically. To avoid frequent cleaning of the hot plates, double layer of high quality parchment can be used for pressing of flower material
  4.  Don’t touch the hot plates and any of its parts during the pressing or heated condition.
  5.   Never turn on the controller of the press machine without inserting a heating element in the plates.
  6.   It is also recommended to use a non-slip heat resistant pad under the bottom plate.

The Final Word

The extracting of rosin sometimes leaves residue or stain over the surface of the hot plates of the press machine. If this residue or stain is not removed from the surface of the plate, it will reduce the efficiency of the plate to produce high quality rosin concentrate.

The surface of the hot plate can be cleaned with alcohol, bleaching powder or acetone chemicals. EZ off cleaner can also be used for removing the deposited stains from the surface of the hot plate. Extreme heating is the last technique to clean the highly sticky stains from the hot plates of the rosin press machine.

The clean and well maintained surface of the plate of the press machine ensures consistent quality rosin extraction.

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