How to Use Rosin Chips to Make Edible?

Pressing rosin is altogether an exciting process. If you are pressing for some time now, then you are well aware that pressing cannabis results in rosin concentrate and rosin chips.

The rosin concentrate is the primary product that is extracted from the cannabis flowers while the chips are the by-product. The rosin chips are basically the pressed leftover that most of the people throw away.

The rosin chips are not totally waste material that can be thrown away. These chips still have some quantity of oil left in them which can be converted into some useful product.

The wise and experienced extractors collect the rosin chips and edible oil from them.

The conversion of rosin chips to edible oil is not a very difficult job. You have to follow some easy steps to carry out this process. We are going to discuss this process for you in below.

But before starting the process of making edible oil, let us see what rosin chips are and how these can be collected and broken.

What are Rosin Chips?

With the popularity of rosin, people are exploring new ways to use rosin concentrate. The rosin lovers are developing new techniques to utilize all the material involved in the pressing of rosin concentrate.

The rosin basically extracted from the cannabis or hash. The flowers are placed between the plates of the heat press machine to take out rosin oil.

The pressing of flowers requires a particular temperature and pressure to squeeze out all the oil present in the flowers. The process is optimized by introducing different controls to maximize the rosin extraction.

But none of the press machines are efficient enough to squeeze out all the rosin from the cannabis flowers. The heat and pressure force out maximum rosin from the flowers loaded in the micron bag, while the flower material is left behind in the bag.

This leftover material is rosin chips. These rosin chips still have some oil in it that can be used for different purposes. In this post we will talk about the making of edible rosin chips.

Source Material of Rosin Chips

The rosin is not only extracted from the cannabis and marijuana flowers. It can also be pressed by using sift or hash material. The leftovers of sift and hash are also called rosin chips.

These chips also have some amount of oil. So these can also be used for making edible or other valuable products. The THC or cannabinoids composition is different for different source materials.

The commercial scale rosin pressing result is large quantities of the leftover rosin chips. This can be easily converted into edible oil.

The rosin chips of cannabis flowers, sift and hash are equally useful and should not be thrown away. The experienced extractors know the significance of these leftover chips and they use them for valuable products.

Are the Rosin chips Potent?

The potency of the rosin chips is much less in comparison to the rosin. Most of the valuable oil has been extracted from the flower’s material.

But still there is some quantity of cannabinoids and terpenes that can be conveniently converted to a valuable product like edible. The potency of the rosin chips can be enhanced by combining multiple chips.

This is particularly handy for the commercial extractors. This case is particularly true for sift and hash leftover chips as the quantity of cannabinoid in these materials is relatively more than the cannabis buds.

The potency of the chips can also be increased by mixing these chips with the material that is more intoxicating. This will boost the THC level of the chips.

A very good manifestation of potency of rosin chips is by consuming the edible made from the chips. The lever metabolizes the THC present in the edible and will discharge an enzyme called 11-hydroxy-THC.

This enzyme is stronger than the typical delta-9. Hence the THC level of edible can be enhanced by mixing rosin chips in the ingredients of edible.

Why is Rosin perfect for Edible Oil?

Why are the rosin chips perfect for making edible food at home? One of the reasons for this is the convenient means of measurement.

Suppose we use 1 gram of rosin to mix in the ingredient of the edible, it will pack 1000 mg. This will allow you to make the portioning of edible food easily. It is one the confusing task to allocate the ingredients properly.

The second reason for using the rosin chips for making edibles is that the solvent is less concentrated. The rosin chips are free of any type of solvents, so there is no chance of residue in the edible.

Material Needed

To make the edible from rosin chips at home, you need the following ingredients.

  • Rosin chips
  • Coconut or olive oil
  • Herbal infuser device
  • Double boiler, hot plate, or oven
  • Cheesecloth or some other fine strainer

The Process to Make Edible oil from Rosin chips

The making of the edibles from the rosin chips is really easy and simple. The process of making edibles includes the following steps.

  1. First of all the leftover rosin is collected to make the edibles. The quantity of the chips depends on what kind of edibles you want to prepare. The finished product will be more potent and effective if more chips are added than the coconut oil. For simplicity, follow this rule of rosin composition, for every one ounce of chips mix two cups of oil. This will deliver great rosin.
  2. For the hot plate or oven heating method, it is better to break the rosin chips in small pieces before adding water. The rosin chips should not be grinded rather use your hands to break and mix the chips. If you have an infuser to heat up the mixtures, then there is no need to break the rosin chips prior to adding oil. The built-in blades will chop off the chip in the machine. Mix the oil with the rosin chips and put in the infuser.
  3. If you are using the infuser to heat up the solution. Then you will need the water to fill to the minimum fill line. After the cooking process is complete, this water will have to be removed. This can be done by storing the cooked solution in the fridge for some. The oil will solidify and separate itself from the water. Now you can easily take out the solid oil for further processing.
  4. The next step is to heat up the solution. In the case of an infuser machine, infuse the oil into rosin chips. For the double boiler, oven or hot plate, heat up the solution for 1 ½-3 hour at 150-200 o Please keep it in your mind that don’t exceed the temperature above 245 oF, otherwise the solution will not make a potent edible product.
  5. There is no need to decarb the flower material while pressing rosin. The infusion process is done to decarb the rosin chips and also mixes it well with the coconut oil.
  6. The next step is to stir the solution well if you are using a double boiler or hot plate. Agitate the solution after every 15 minutes. This will help to even expose the oil to the infusion process. The infuser blades will automatically stir the solution with the blades.
  7. Now is the time to strain the solution. For this purpose use a strainer or cheesecloth over a bowl to strain any particle in the solution. The quality of the oil depends on the infusion process. The longer the infusion process, the darker the oil will be.
  8. Now the final edible product is ready and you can test it.

The Final Word

The rosin pressing results in a lot of rosin chips that most of the people throw away. But the experienced extractors know the value of these chips. The rosin chips still have some amount of oil left in them that can be processed to make edible oil at home. Rosin chips and coconut oil are mixed to make edible oil.

To make the edible oil from the rosin chips, the ratio of mixing of chips with the coconut is of high importance. The more the chips in the solution the better and potent product will be produced.

The solution of chips and coconut is heated in an infuser or oven to thoroughly infuse the chips in the oil. The quality of the oil is very much dependent on the length of the infusion process. The longer the infusion process the more potent edible product will be.

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