How Do I Know If My Buds Are Best Suited For Rosin?

Rosin is a concentrate extracted from specially chosen cannabis and marijuana flowers. It is produced by heating and pressing the materials.

The rosin concentrate is liked by the consumers mainly because it is extracted from the pure material and is free of any harmful chemicals. It is also for curing patients.

The solvent less rosin has no side effects. Furthermore, its taste and aroma is unprecedented.

The pressing of cannabis is not a very difficult process. The beginners can learn the dynamic of the extraction process quickly.

A heat press machine is the most suitable way to squeeze out rosin, although it can be pressed with the help of a hair straightener at home.

The quality of the rosin squishing depends on the material being pressed. The most commonly used materials for rosin pressing are flower buds, kief, dry sift or hash.

In the below article we will discuss which is the most suitable material for pressing rosin. We will also highlight the key features of best suited flower material.

The following factors will be considered while choosing the best buds for rosin pressing.

Material Quality & Freshness

The quality of the flower material selected for the squishing of rosin is of most importance. If we purchase high quality buds, we will definitely get the top quality rosin.

The input material is a great indicator of the quality of rosin being pressed.

Best material does not mean you have to go for the most expensive flower material. It is better to buy the best suited flower material under your budget.

Freshness of the source material also determines the quality of rosin. If the flowers are immediately pressed after getting dried, then the quality of the rosin will be very high.

The longer you wait for pressing the flower, the darker the rosin will be extracted. So it is recommended to press the flowers as soon as possible to get the best quality rosin.

Flower growth and care also play an important role to produce best quality rosin concentrate.

The rosin extracted from the flowers well maintained during the growing and after stages will definitely deliver better quality concentrate than the flowers which are not taken care of well.

Growth medium of flowers also has discernable impact on the production of the rosin. There is a marked difference in the rosin extracted from the flowers grown in the soil, hydro and coco.

Strain family is also considered while looking for best quality flower material for rosin processing. Some strains offer relatively better quality than the others.

So always purchase the tried and tested strains for the rosin extraction.


Humidity level is another most important factor considered while purchasing buds for rosin pressing. The relative humidity of the flower buds plays the most important role producing rosin.

The quality of the rosin is directly linked to the relative humidity of the buds. The flower buds dried in the open air will act like a sponge and will reabsorb the rosin and oil inside the dry plant.

The rosin content inside the flower buds depends on the relative humidity. It is therefore advised to store the flower buds in an airtight environment with a two way humidity pack to maintain the desired humidity level for rosin extraction.

So, how much dry flower buds are required for squeezing the best quality rosin. What is the recommended humidity level for rosin processing?

Well our experience tells us that the flower buds kept at a relative humidity level of 55% to 65% will deliver the highest yield. The yield will be even better for 62% relative humidity.

So it is highly recommended to store the flower buds at a relative humidity level of 55% to 65%. If it is required to dry the material, then take out the flowers from the jar for 15 minutes to vaporize some of the moisture content.

Don’t leave the flowers in the open for too long to avoid drying of the material.

To enhance the humidity level of the flower buds, preset humidity packs can be purchased from the Integra or Boveda. Both these companies manufacture highly reliable humidity packs.

Trichomes Density

Trichomes density of the flower buds is the next big thing to consider while picking best suited flower buds for your rosin extraction.

Trichomes density is one of the best ways to determine the suitability of flower buds to produce top quality rosin. Higher the Trichomes present in the buds, better will be rosin quality and vice versa.

Trichomes can be easily checked with the naked eye. These are small twinkling crystals on the surface of the plant.

These tiny crystals are basically responsible for the quality and taste of the rosin extracted from the cannabis flowers. If these tiny limbs are frostier than it indicates the higher intoxicating and relaxing potency of the flower buds.

The Trichomes density can be checked by using jeweler’s loupe for 30-60 times. A digital microscope is also very handy to see the Trichomes in larger images.

If these tools are available for identifying the Trichomes density, then it can also be also checked manually. Press the flower bud between your fingers and release it.

Now check for the stickiness on your fingers. If the fingers are sticky then there are very good chances that the Trichomes density of the buds is higher and good for rosin squeezing.

Always check the Trichomes density or ask for it before purchasing high quality flower buds for rosin squishing.

Look & Color

The look of the high quality flower buds also gives a glimpse of the rosin quality produced from these buds.

The high end flower buds are beautiful looking and attract the customer’s eyes. It also displays multiple exciting colors on its surface.

Generally the high quality flower buds are deep with orange or red hair on its surface. Some of the high quality flowers also depict purple color.

The Trichomes crystals are very prominent on the surface of the flower buds. High numbers of crystals show high rosin content inside the flower buds.


Smell of the flower buds is one of the easiest methods to determine the potency of the flower. Generally speaking a well maintained and cultivated cannabis and marijuana flower emit pleasant and pungent smell.

The flowers which discharge fragrance from the distance are of high quality. In the slang language these flowers are called “dank”, or loud odor.

These are some names given to these high quality flowers exhibiting smell. Some people also call these high smelling flowers pine, diesel skunk.

The conclusion here is that high end flower buds are pungent, pleasant and unique. Moreover, higher the fragrance more will be the ability of the flower to produce high quality rosin concentrate.

So it is recommended to check the fragrance of cannabis flower buds before purchasing for rosin extraction.

Flower Structure

The cannabis flowers which are well cured and cultivated have a fluffy structure. These are tending to be lighter and denser. The indices of the flowers are thicker and heavier. The structure of the cannabis flower also tells us about the rosin quality extracted from these flowers.

The rock hard generally are full grown and deliver high quality rosin while the extremely fluffy flowers could lead to medium quality rosin.

Actually you will learn about the structure of the flower structure with the experience. Beginners will not be able to quickly distinguish between the full grown and partially grown flower.

Ethical Cultivation

Ethical cultivation is another factor that should be considered while choosing suitable cannabis flower buds for the rosin extraction. Ethical cultivation is carried without using any synthetic fertilizers.

Cannabis is cultivated in an organic environment using sustainable agricultural practices. The cannabis grown under open sun generally fulfills all the required parameters of natural cannabis.

Always look for clean green certified organic forms or Sun + earth forms to purchase natural cannabis for your rosin squeezing endeavor. The cannabis grown under synthetic fertilizers tends to have chemicals and lack purity.

Ethical Farming Companies

The large corporations are primarily interested in more yield and bumper crops. They use chemical fertilizers to enhance the production. So don’t go for purchasing natural flowers from larger corporations.

Instead look for small farmers who are running their family business. The women, black and minority cannabis farms generally grow organic cannabis free of any sort of chemical.

So it is better to buy flower buds from these kinds of farmers.

Diverse Cannabinoids

To produce the best quality rosin from the cannabis flowers, a diverse profile of cannabinoids and terpenes is required. Top notch rosin is extracted from the diverse CBD flower buds.

Before making a purchase, ask for a certificate of composition analysis. This certificate clearly indicates the quantities of the cannabinoids and therapeutic elements present in the flowers.

The quantity of contaminants is also mentioned in the report. Don’t make any purchase without checking the composition report.

Identification of Bad Flower Buds at Glance

The smell of the bad flower buds is often quirky. The low end flower buds also give musty or mildew aroma. This indicates that the flower buds are aged and have low quantities of rosin.

The shelf life of a cannabis flower is typical from six months to one year. The aged flower can lose the humidity and hence the rosin quality as well.

The appearance of bad quality weed is discolored. This could be due to use of chemicals and pesticides. The Trichomes of the bad flowers also change the color to amber.

The Trichomes color is affected due to light, heat and time. The bad quality flower buds can be seen in many degraded color shades.

The feel of the bad quality flower is often dry and brittle. The weight of this kind of flowers is low, mainly non-sticky surface of the flowers. These flowers can easily crumble and break into pieces.

The structure of the bad quality flower buds is often unpleasant and murky. It can be quickly identified with the naked eye. The nugs of improperly grown flowers are air and fluffy.

Though the chemical composition cannot be checked by the structure but still these are rejected for rosin extraction.

Furthermore the THC content of the well grown flowers is below 20%. The high THC content does not necessarily mean that the rosin extracted from it will have high intoxication.

Is an Expensive Flower Always Good?

The expensive flower does not indicate that it is always good. Generally the expensive weed is grown under controlled conditions and also stored in a proper climate to meet the cannabis requirements.

These flowers also have a bit higher THC. The lab report is not always the correct indication of chemical composition of the flower buds.

Due to high financial benefits the lab can alter the report. Always check the aroma before making a purchase for the good quality flower buds.

The bad quality flowers are usually those which have passed their shelf life in the storage and are forced to sell the product at low price. You can even get nice flower buds at a low price, only you should be able to identify the aroma and fragrance of the stored cannabis weed.

The Final Word

The rosin is a very sophisticated concentrate extracted from the cannabis flower buds. To produce a high quality rosin concentrate you should always buy the flower giving a pleasant and pungent smell. The looks should be appealing to the customers.

The moisture content or the relative humidity of the cannabis flower should be between 55-65% for good rosin squishing. The dry and low humidity flower will not deliver top quality rosin.

The cannabinoid content of the flowers should be diverse to produce high quality rosin. Don’t buy the quirky smelling and unpleasant flower buds for rosin squeezing.

The buds should be stored in an airtight and controlled humidity environment. The selection of best suited flower buds for rosin squishing has been discussed in detail in the above article.

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