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The popularity of rosin for dab smoking is forcing people to look for the most reliable and quality driven press machines.

The pneumatic machine is one of the most sophisticated ones available in the market. The good thing is these machines are available in multiple power and sizes.

Generally these types of machines are fabricated from heavy duty material and can endure the applied pressures efficiently.

Top notch quality rosin product is one of the best features of the pneumatic machines. Unlike hydraulic press machines, no risk of hazard or oil mixing is involved with pneumatic machines.

The pneumatic rosin press machine makes very little and furthermore pressure is evenly distributed. The friendly use is another very good feature of this type of press machine.

Maintenance is almost zero for the pneumatic press machines. The durability of these machines is unmatched as these last for a very long period of time.

In the post below we are going to analyze some of the most prominent pneumatic press machines being sold on Amazon.

This review will enable you to quickly grasp the functionality of pneumatic machines and will also make the choice easier thereof. Let us start our product review without any further ado.

5 Best Pneumatic Rosin Press Reviews

The quick links to the air operated press machine machines are given below.

1. NugSmasher Pro Pneumatic Rosin Press

Editor’s Pick
  • Features pneumatic pressure controller
  • Includes in & out relieve valve
  • Pressing force is 20 ton
  • Twin heating plates of 7×10 inch
  • Plates made of 6061 aluminum
  • Loading capacity is 84 grams
  • Six 160 watt heaters
  • Dual digital temperature controller

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The NugSmasher is one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic rosin press machines. The Pro model is a sophisticated heat press which is the top choice of chemists and experts of solvent less extraction.

This press machine has a loading of 84 grams. The maximum pressing force of this machine is up to 20 ton. It is used to produce large quantities of rosin at commercial scale.

The methodology employed by this delivers consistent results.

One of the best benefits of this press is the user-friendly operation. It is equipped with a pneumatic controller which includes a precise joystick control.

This control allows adjusting the pressure limit with in & out pressure relieving valve. Both the plates can be separately controlled by this precise joystick system.

This pneumatic machine features twin heating plates of 7×10 inch size. These plates are manufactured from the aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.

The plates are machine aligned for better results. Each plate is fitted with three 160 watts heaters to quickly heat up the plate. The heat retention of these plates is also very good. The rosin extracted over these plates is of high quality.

The NS Pro press is also fitted with a dual digital temperature controller. This controller is highly innovative in nature. It automatically calculates the surface area of plates.

The temperature of the plates can be adjusted easily with this controller. The temperature scale switching is another very good feature of this controller.

The pressing time can also be pre-set with this controller. In short you can closely monitor and control the extraction process with this controller.

To make the extraction process more visible, LED lights are fitted on the machine. For safe operation circuit protection is added in the machine.

To make the air supplier easier and convenient, any air compressor of 90-120 psi with 3 gallon storage tank can be used with this machine.

The inlet pipe connection of the machine is ¼ inch. A high accuracy pressure gauge is installed on the machine for checking and monitoring of the pressing force properly.

What We Like

  • Highly innovative operation
  • High heat retention plates
  • Top notch production
  • Convenience of compressor connection
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Safety protection

Things to consider

  • A water separator should be attached to the compressor

2. RTP Professional Series Pneumatic Rosin Press

Top Rated
        • 8000 lbs pneumatic pressing force
        • Dual heating plates of 4×8 inch
        • Aluminum made plates
        • Double digital temperature controller
        • Automatic time control
        • 800 watts heater

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The RTP Professional series rosin press machine by Rosin tech is another very good choice for producing rosin. This is a large press machine and is intended for commercial use.

The pressing style of this machine is pneumatic. Any suitable compressor can be attached to this machine. The pressing force of this machine is 8000 lbs.

The rosin quality produced by this machine is exceptional.

This machine features a dual heating plate element. The dimensions of each plate are 4×8 inch. This surface area is enough to squish sufficiently high quantities of rosin.

These plates are manufactured from the aluminum material and have very good heat capacity. An 800 watts heater is attached to both plates for quick heating.

The heat evenly spreads across the length of the plate to produce a high quality product.

Dual digital controllers are one of the best features of this machine. One controller is connected to each and allows temperature adjustment. The close monitoring of heating temperature is delivered by controller. Temperature scale selection is also offered by this machine.

The RTP pneumatic machine also features automatic time control. Pressing time can be preset for each batch. Furthermore, the time will automatically start from zero when the machine stops or starts a new batch of production.

Suction cup style silicone pads are installed at the base of the machine. This ensures machine balance and stability during the pressing process.

The good thing is very little noise is produced during the extraction process.

What We Like

  • High quality rosin product
  • Noise free operation
  • Quick heating
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Automatic pressing time setting
  • Stable

Things to consider

  • The pressure is applied as per instructions

3. Dulytek DW8000 Hybrid Rosin Heat Press

Best Budget
  • Plug & play hybrid press
  • Surface area of the plates is 3×5 square inch
  • Double channel digital controller
  • Power is 4 ton
  • Includes starter kit
  • Hands free operation

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Dulytek is also a famous brand for manufacturing rosin heat press machines. The DW8000 is basically a hybrid press. It is designed to be plug and play.

This electric operated machine can also be run on air pressure. No noise is generated during the pressing process. The pressing force of a well-built press machine is 4 ton. The rosin produced by hybrid machines is of top quality.

The surface area of the heating element of this press machine is 3×5 square inches. The plates are made of aluminum material. The plates are insulated to prevent the heat loss to the surrounding.

Electric heaters inserted in the plates for quick and efficient heating.

This hybrid press also features a double channel temperature controller. This controller provides accurate and easy to understand temperature reading.

Independent temperature is one of the best characteristics of this controller. Temperature scale can also be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The starter kit is also provided with this press machine to make the extraction process easier.

This kit includes parchment paper, micron bag, silicon mat and collection tools. Magnet feet provide stability.

What We Like

  • Easiest operation
  • No hands involved
  • Withstands high pressure
  • High surface are
  • Quick heating
  • Efficient temperature control

Things to consider

  • Needs careful handling

4. NugSmasher NS Touch Pneumatic Rosin Press

  • Pneumatic & manual pressure control
  • Pressing force 12 ton
  • Features 4×6 inch twin plates
  • Plates are made of 6061 aluminum
  • Loading capacity of 28 grams
  • 5 inch LCD touch control panel
  • Automatic surface area calculator

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The NS touch is another masterpiece by the NugSmasher. This is an innovative machine which is equipped with a 5 inch LCD control panel.

The control panel provides the freedom and ease to operate the machine. A Pneumatic pressure controller is fitted with this smart press machine.

The compressor having capacity of 90-120 PSI can be attached to this controller. This press machine is also intended for the commercial scale production of the rosin.

The pressing force of this machine is 12 ton and squeezing capacity is 28 grams per batch. Manual pressing can also be carried out with this machine.

The innovative panel of this press machine is very intelligent in nature. It has the capacity to automatically the surface area of the plate, allows presetting of temperature, pressure, time and applied surface area pressure.

All these parameters are shown on the touch screen. The controller allows toggling between these parameters by simply touching the screen.

The good thing is this control panel can also be connected to Wi-Fi or LAN networks.

This high power press machine features dual heating plates of 4×6 inch dimensions. These plates are manufactured from the 6061 aluminum material.

Two heaters of 160 watt are inserted in each plate to quickly heat up the plate. The controller also allows monitoring of each plate separately. The even heat distribution ensures consistent solvent less extraction of rosin.

The body of the machine is fabricated from the high strength American steel. This material can withstand heavy pressures without getting damaged.

Rubber feet are fitted to provide stability during the pressing power. LED lights are included with the machine for better visibility.

What We Like

  • Simple touch operation
  • Efficient and innovative control
  • Automatically calculates surface area & time
  • Even heat distribution
  • Consistent extraction
  • Well-made
  • Stable

Things to consider

  • Use only 3.5, 7 & 14 gram extraction bags only

5. TCE Torin Steel Pneumatic Pressure Shop Press

  • Heavy duty alloy steel H Frame
  • Push handle for pneumatic operation
  • Load bearing capacity is 30 ton
  • Includes a treated piston ram
  • Heating plates can be attached to ram
  • Used for pressing and bending

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The TCE30030 is a heavy duty shop floor press. It comes in an H-type frame which is manufactured from corrosion resistant alloy steel.

Hand and foot pedal pumps are fitted on this press machine which is pressed by pneumatic pressure. The pressing force of this heavy duty press machine is 30 ton.

It is generally used for pressing and bending purposes.

The good thing is this press machine can be improved to be used for rosin pressing. A piston ram is installed on this machine for pressing the material.

The large heating plates can easily be attached to this ram. The improvisation of this machine delivers top quality rosin products. The quantity of flowers pressed with this machine is also on the higher side.

The piston of this machine is made by treating by polishing the surface. It is totally resistant to rusting and corrosion. The service life of this machine is very long.

The operation of this pneumatic machine is very simple and noise free. Moreover it can be upgraded to 60 ton power.

What We Like

  • Simple operation
  • High pressing power
  • Upgradable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Stable

Things to consider

  • Better to hire a professional technician for upgrading

The Buying Guide

The pneumatic rosin press machines are generally made of heavy duty materials and are a bit expensive. Only a few pneumatic press machines are sold on Amazon.

The Nugsmasher is the leading manufacturer in this category. We will however look into the key factors required to be considered for purchasing a best quality pneumatic machine.

Pneumatic Controller

The pneumatic press machines are usually provided with a pneumatic controller. This controller makes the operation easier and efficient.

Generally these controllers are touch screens and only a thump push is enough to run the machine. The controller has the capacity to automatically set the pressure of the machine.

The pneumatic machines are provided with either a handle or foot pedal to apply the pressure. It does not require too much force. The operation of the pneumatic press machine in most of the cases is noise free.

Operational manual is also provided with the machine to conveniently run the pneumatic press. Check for a pneumatic controller while purchasing a suitable press machine.

Compatible Compressor

The pneumatic press machine is operated under air pressure. To provide air pressure you need to have a good quality air compressor. The pneumatic press machine can be connected to any type of air compressor.

However a compressor with the pressure range from 92-120 PSI is the best suited for quietly running a pneumatic press machine. The connection point of the machine and the pipe should be compatible with each other.

Generally the rosin press machines are provided with a ¼ inch nozzle point to attach the compressed air with the machine.

Heavy Duty Structure

Generally the pneumatic press machines are intended for commercial purposes. So the structure of the machine is made from heavy duty steel material to prevent the machine from collapsing under pressure.

The most frequently used material of construction for the pneumatic machine is American steel. This steel material has the capacity to resist corrosion and damage during the pressing process.

This kind of machine is also provided with strong PVC feet to provide stability during the extraction process. Make sure to check the material of construction of the pneumatic press machine before finalizing one for your needs.

Pressing Force

As already mentioned, the pneumatic press machines are used for producing rosin on a commercial scale. To produce a high quantity of rosin extra high pressure has to be applied.

So these machines are made to tolerate heavy pressures. Generally the pneumatic press machines have pressing force in the range of 12 or 20 tons.

The workshop pneumatic press machines used for extraction of rosin also have high pressure bearing capacity. The pressure tolerance of this kind of machine is around 30 to 50 tons.

The pressure capacity of these machines can also be enhanced by improvisation. NugSmasher is the most reliable brand for manufacturing pneumatic press machines of high pressure capacity.

Plate Size

The flowers are pressed between the plates under heating to extract high quality rosin. The heating is therefore the basic component of a heat press machine.

Twin heating plates are essentially fitted with the machine to heat up the flower material for the rosin extraction process. The plate size of the pneumatic press machines is usually high.

The most common size of the plates for this kind of heat press machine is 7″x10″. Some machines are equipped with a 6″x4″ plate size.

The plate size of the press machine generally increases with the increase of pressing power. Small plate pneumatic press machines are also available in the market.

Plate Material

The plate material is also of high importance. You must consider the material of construction of the heating plates to get best results. The heating capacity of the plates primarily depends on the material of construction.

It also tells about the heat distribution throughout the plate length. Generally the plates of high power press machines are made of aluminum, stainless steel material or copper coated alloys material.

The aluminum 6061 is one of the best materials for rosin press machines.

These are further insulated to avoid any loss of heat during the extraction process. Some of the high power machines have a 15 mm thick insulation layer that makes heat loss impossible.

The aluminum plates provide quick heating. The heat is even distributed throughout the aluminum plate.

The stainless steel made heating plates also allow the heat to be equally spread across the length of the plate. The material of the heating plate of the press machine should also be carefully selected to fulfill your needs.

Loading Capacity

The pneumatic rosin press is primarily used for extracting rosin at commercial scale. These machines are usually bigger in size.

The loading capacity of the pneumatic rosin press machines is also relatively high. These machines are best suited to produce rosin for industrial brands.

The high power machines are used in the workshops to meet the growing demand of the rosin dab smoking community. The loading capacity of the machine depends on the plate size and gap between the plates.

Normally the loading capacity of a pneumatic rosin press machine having a plate size of 7×10 inch is between 80-100 grams. This capacity is relatively high for a rosin press machine.

Another factor which contributes to the loading capacity and yield thereof is the pressure applied on the plates.

The pressure tolerance of the pneumatic press machine is also very high, so is the yield and loading capacity.

Digital Controller

The pneumatic machines are also fitted with the double channel digital controller. The only difference is these controllers are more intelligent and innovative in nature.

The size of the LCD screen is also larger than the traditional press machines. Moreover, these machines can be connected to Wi-Fi or LAN networks.

The touch screen of the controller also allows you to toggle between the key features of the controller.

The temperature of each plate can be adjusted and manipulated with the help of this controller. Accurate temperature of each heated plate is displayed on the LCD screen of the controller.

This controller offers a very efficient independent control for plates. The temperature switching option between Fahrenheit & Celsius scale is also available.

One of the unique features of this controller is the auto calculation of surface area of the plates.

The controller is very smart and intelligent, it measures the exact surface area of the plates being used for the extraction. Applied pressure on the surface area is also calculated with the help of this controller.

The pressing time can also be calculated auto automatically with this controller. The preset pressing is automatically adjusted with this controller.

The time will automatically start from zero with the start of every new batch. This feature enables you to control the process more closely.

Ease of Operation

The pneumatic press machines are smart in nature. These machines are equipped with the pneumatic controller. The air compressor is connected to the press machine through a built-in nozzle.

The controller requires only pushing the button to run the machine. Some machines are provided with the handle or foot pedal to apply the pressure.

The innovative controller has the capacity to automatically measure the surface area of the heating plates and adjust the pressure accordingly.

The operation of the pneumatic machine is very quiet in nature. There is no disturbance for the operator during the extraction process.

All the parameters are displayed on the LCD screen which makes the operation control easier and efficient. The flower material is loaded between the plates wrapped in a parchment paper.

Power Requirement

The pneumatic press machines are generally fitted with large heating plates. The heating plates require a substantial amount of heat for warming.

The electric heaters are inserted into each plate as per heating requirements. A plate of size 10×7 inch is usually equipped with three 160 watts of electric heaters.

High power heater can also be installed in the plates. The purpose of the electric heater is to 1) quickly heat up the plates 2) evenly distribute the heat throughout the plate area 3) Help to produce consistent quality rosin.

This factor should be considered while purchasing a suitable pneumatic press machine for needs.

The Final Word

The pneumatic rosin press is a very good addition in the cannabis industry. This machine is used for producing a high quantity of rosin without making any noise during the pressing process. The quality and yield delivered by the pneumatic press machine are also exceptional. Little maintenance is required to run the pneumatic press over a longer period of time.

We have reviewed 5 top rated pneumatic rosin press machines here. The machines discussed above are made of heavy duty material. All these machines are operation friendly and offer high yield as well. This review will be helpful for multiple customers to easily choose a pneumatic rosin press for their needs.

A comprehensive buying guide is also added at the end of the article. This guide clearly elaborates the major key factors required to be considered for the purchase of the pneumatic machine. You can also learn the functionality of the press machine after reading this guide.

We are really hopeful that you will find our endeavor useful and handy. We are also sure that our article will compel you to buy a suitable pneumatic press machine for your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions about the pneumatic rosin press machine will help understand the functions and performance of the machine is a better way.

What is the major benefit of using a pneumatic rosin press?

The benefits of the pneumatic rosin press machine are countless. Zero maintenance is the major advantage of the pneumatic press. This machine can be used for a longer period of time without incurring any damage or fault. Noise free operation is another key benefit of this type of rosin press machine.

What type of air compressor is compatible with the rosin press machine?

The pneumatic press machine can be connected to any type of air compressor. But it is better to use the air compressor having air pressure between 92-120 PSI. 300 gallon air storage tank should also be attached with the compressor for hindrance free operation. Water separator is also recommended for the air compressor being used with a pneumatic press machine.

What type of quality is produced by the pneumatic press machine?

The rosin press machine doesn't involve any risk of missing oil with the rosin concentrate like the hydraulic press machine. Top notch quality is therefore produced from a pneumatic press machine. This type of machine is usually equipped with safety protections to avoid accidents during the pressing process. This also helps to enhance the quality of the rosin.

Is the pneumatic press machine better than a manual press?

Yes, the pneumatic press machine is far better than the manual one. First of all, the pneumatic press machine can endure very high pressures without making any noise in comparison to the manual one. The pneumatic press machine is operation friendly; generally these machines are fitted with touch screen control panels which allow you to run the machine simply by pushing the button. No muscle power is needed like the manual machine. Above all the quality of the rosin extracted with the help of a pneumatic machine is unmatched.

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