What to Do With Those Pressed Pucks After the Rosin Extraction?

The rosin extraction involves pressing of weed to get the concentrate. The rosin concentrate is the prime product of the pressing process.

For every pressing we are left with some weed material in the micron bag. You may see some residual material stuck in the micron bag or parchment paper.

This is called rosin pucks or chips. These pucks still have an amount of cannabinoids or terpenes that can be converted to useful things.

The beginners don’t know the value of rosin pucks, they throw them away. But the experienced campaigners know very well that these pucks can be processed again to produce some valuable stuff.

The rosin pucks can be recycled in a useful manner. In fact we make some valuable stuff from the leftover pucks.

First we should have some quantity of pucks then we are able to use these pucks for different constructive purposes. The most prominent of these are edibles, tinctures and vaping.

In our post we are going to talk about the different techniques to utilize pressed bucks. We hope that you will find it useful to experience something new.

Vapable Rosin

The leftover pucks after pressing are still useful. These pucks have some amount of cannabinoids present in them that can be used again for some valuable things.

One of the ways to get the remaining rosin in the pucks is to repress them. Repressing the pucks can produce some valuable rosin.

You can extract the remaining rosin if the pucks are squished at much lower temperature than the first pressing. This method is very common amongst the rosin extractors.

The rosin produced from the second press is consumed for vaping. The recommended temperature for the second press of the pucks is 220 oF.

The pucks are pressed at high pressure and for a longer time around 50-60 seconds. The leftover pucks can also be pressed at some higher temperatures of about 250 oF, but the cannabinoids and terpenes level of the pucks will be affected. The quality of rosin will not be good for vaping.

The pressing process of leftover pucks for extraction of rosin is similar to the normal pressing. The pucks are folded in the parchment paper and then placed between the hot plates of the rosin press machine.

The only difference in the process is the high temperature and pressure. The pucks are pressed at a bit high temperature and pressure. Moreover the pressing time is also increased a little bit to get the maximum available rosin from the pucks. The second pressing of pucks for getting rosin has a disadvantage as well.

There are chances that the end product will have more contaminants. You should always keep this issue in mind while pressing the pucks for the second time.

The rosin extracted from the second pressing is best for vaping. This extract is mixed with the vape solution. This rosin generates more smoke and an intoxicating effect. It completely relaxes the body. Don’t throw away the leftovers, utilize them for vaping.


The leftover pucks can be used as a capsule as well. This is one of the simplest methods to utilize the leftover weed.

The pucks have little amount of cannabinoids as most of the terpenes and cannabinoids have been extracted from the flower material. The good thing about the cannabis capsule is that you don’t have to taste the pressed pucks. How the cannabis capsules are prepared is discussed below.

To make a cannabis capsule from the pressed pucks you need leftover pucks, coconut oil, double boiler and cheesecloth/strainer.

After arranging all the required fire up the double boiler, put all the pressed pucks in the boiler. Now drop the coconut oil in a bowl. The oil quantity should be such that the pucks are a little bit submerged in the oil.

Now heat up the mixture at low temperature. The boiling process should be continued for at least 10 hours. During the heating process slightly agitate the mixture after some time.

After the boiling process is completed, remove the solution from the double boiler. Now strain the solution in an empty bowl.

Use cheesecloth or strainer to properly remove the contaminants from the solution. Let the solution cool down till it reaches room temperatures.

Now fill this solution in an empty capsule through a dropper. These capsules can be swallowed with water. You will feel medicated after taking the cannabis capsules.

The leftover pucks can be easily consumed by making cannabis capsules, so drop the idea of throwing these pucks away, instead use them.


The leftover pucks can also be used to prepare tinctures. The tincture can be made with alcohol and glycerin.

Keep in mind that to make the tincture pure alcohol and glycerin are used. The tincture recipes are detailed below for your convenience.

Alcohol Tincture

To prepare the alcohol tincture you will require a lot of rosin pucks and pure liquor. The process of making tincture from alcohol and rosin is very and is described below.

  •  First of all, grind the rosin pucks into smaller pieces.
  • Decarb the pucks. The decarboxylation of the pucks is done in a preheated oven at 225 oF. This process should be prolonged for 30 to 40 minute to fully decarb the pucks.
  • Now add the decarb pucks in a Mason jar, drop the pure liquor over it. The liquor should be poured in the jar until the grinded pucks are submerged in it.
  •  Now blend the solution well
  • Tighten the cap of the jar and shake it well. This shaking of the jar should thrice daily. This process should be continued from 1 month to 3 month. The shaking of the mixture is one of the easiest ways to equally distribute the cannabis throughout the solution.
  • Once the shaking process of the mixture is complete. The solution is ready for storage. Place a funnel with cheesecloth and pour the mixture in a bowl. Make sure to squeeze out all the mixture from the jar and cheesecloth.
  • Now is the time to transfer the alcohol tincture in medicine droppers. For a long shelf life, store the dropper in a dark, dry and cool place. The alcohol tincture can now be used.

Glycerin Tincture

The making of glycerin tincture is also similar to the alcohol tincture. The process requires tons of pressed pucks and pure food grade glycerin. The brief process description is given below.

  • Grind the rosin pucks to fine particles.
  • Take a jar and fill it with the fine particles of pucks up to ¾ levels.
  •  Pour the food grade glycerin in the jar till the entire weed is submerged.
  •  Close the cap of the jar and shake it well for 2 to 3 minutes.
  •  Now leave the jar carrying the solution in a dark and cool place for 60 days.
  • Every day shake the solution to prevent coagulation of pucks inside the jar.
  • The solution can be used before 60 days but the potency of this tincture will not be up to the mark.
  • After completing 60 days, shake it well for the final time and remove the lid of the jar. Now place the open jar over the cookie sheet. Start the oven at 170 oF and bake the solution for 20 to 30 minutes to decarb the solution.
  • Wait for the solution to cool down to room temperature, then pour the mixture in a medicine dropper through cheesecloth and store it in a dark and cool place.


The leftover pucks can be conveniently used to prepare edible for eating or adding in food to enhance the taste and flavor.

The most edibles prepared from the remaining pucks are the cannabutter and edible oil. The cannabutter and edible oil prepared from the rosin pucks can be used in the same way as the traditional oil and butter.

The recipes for making cannabutter and edibles are discussed below.

The making of cannabutter requires butter sticks and pressed pucks. As a thump role for every one butter stick take one ounce of rosin pucks.

The decarboxylation of the rosin pucks is necessary before mixing it in the butter solution to make the cannabutter. The decarboxylation process has been discussed later in a separate article; you can refer to it for more information.

Now take an empty bowl and fill it with the water, place this bowl over the double boiling heater or oven. Boil the water and then insert the butter stick in the hot water and let the butter stick to melt.

The melted butter also resembles oil. So the melted oil will come at the surface of the solution. Now add the pressed pucks in the hot solution.

Please note that the pucks should be loaded in either a micron bag or a filter bag. The bag should also be tied up.

The micron bag carrying the pucks should be submerged in the water/butter solution. Now let the solution for another 1-1 ½ hours.

The time duration of the heating process is determined by the desired quality of the cannabutter. Keep in mind that the longer the solution is heated, the better the flavor of the butter.

Once the heating process is complete, stop the heating and strain the solution in a jar. Put the jar in an airtight environment. Cool down the mixture in the fridge.

It will take some time to solidify. Now separate the solid butter and water. Store the solid butter in a separate jar. It can be used in food and cookies like the common butter.

The cannabis edible can also be prepared from the leftover pucks. To make the edible you will need coconut oil and pressed pucks. Again you will have to decarb the rosin pucks to use them in the making process of the edibles.

For every 1 ounce of rosin pucks 2 cups of coconut oil is enough. The rosin pucks are broken into smaller pieces before adding in the mixture.

The coconut oil is melted in an oven over a hot plate or double boiler. The white foam present in the oil will rise to the surface that can be easily removed with a long handle spoon.

Now add the grinded pucks in the hot oil solution and start heating up the solution at 120-200 oF. This solution should be boiled for 1 and half hours.

During the boiling process agitate the solution after every 15 minutes. The boiling process can also be carried out in the infuser machine. If you are using an infuser then there is no need to agitate the solution as the blades will do the job.

When the boiling of the solution is complete, pour the solution in a jar or bowl through a strainer or cheesecloth. This will remove all the contaminants present in the solution.

Now let the solution come down to room temperature. The quality of the edible will depend on the accuracy of the infusion process. Note that longer the infusion better will be the quality of the edible.

The finished edible can be used in food like the traditional edible oil.


Another idea to use the leftover pucks is to smoke them through dabbing. The dabbing does not involve any process or heating. It is a simple way to load the leftover pucks in the cigarettes and then smoke.

The leftover pucks should be grinded into small pieces to conveniently fill in the cigarette. The larger pieces will break the cigarette paper and material will drop away.

The idea of smoking is very good to get high. The taste of these pucks is not as good as rosin concentrate. But the pucks still have some terpenes and cannabinoids that can intoxicate and relax you.

As mentioned above the quantity of cannabinoids in the leftover puck is very small. So you have to smoke a lot of pucks to get high. Smoking pucks is another way to utilize them and save them from going into the dustbin.

The Final Word

The pressed rosin pucks still have some cannabinoids and terpenes in them. So don’t throw away the rosin pucks instead use them to make a valuable product. The utilization of rosin pucks can be maximized by making edibles and tincture from them.

The rosin pucks can also be used for vaping and dabbing. We have highlighted all the recipes above for your convenience. We are hopeful that you will find this article useful to maximize the use of rosin pucks for value added products.

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